Statewide Tornado Test Set for March 20

Indiana broadcast stations will participate in a statewide tornado drill on Tuesday, March 20th as a part of Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

The National Weather Service test of the statewide Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be at 10:15 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (9:15 CT) and will be issued for 15 minutes.

Severe Weather Preparedness Week (March 18-24) and the tornado test drill help to ensure that the statewide Indiana EAS network is operating properly and is ready to respond in the event of a tornado warning in the state.

“All Hoosiers know how erratic weather can be in Indiana, so we want to make sure our systems are firing on all cylinders in case Mother Nature shows her worst,” said IBA Executive Director Dave Arland.  “We have been participating in this drill for more than three decades, but broadcasters remain committed to doing all we can to keep Hoosiers safe at times when they are often most vulnerable.”

In the event of severe or inclement weather, the test will be rescheduled and held on Wednesday, March 21st.



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