Dashboard Delight Radio Innovation SeminarApril 30, 2024

Dashboard Delight Radio Innovation Seminar
Dashboard Delight Radio Innovation Seminar

Radio broadcasters live in challenging times, with new technology for stations and listeners that could upend the listening experience. Stay ahead of the changing environment by learning what’s next for radio and how stations can adapt to follow the audience. Regardless of format – from country music to news/talk, sports, inspirational, and classic hits – Indiana broadcasters can learn more about how radio continues to evolve and how to prepare for change.

Staged at the downtown Indianapolis SILO Auto Club and Conservancy, the event also features a private tour of SILO’s car collection.

Additionally, IBA will reveal the results of our new 2024 Indiana Media Consumption Study at a special reception for the advertising community from 4:00PM-6:00PM.

Lunch is provided.

Seminar Details

Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Time: Training: 10am-4pm / Cocktails: 4-6pm

Location: Silo Auto Club in downtown Indianapolis

Free parking available

(Lunch will be provided & free parking)

Dashboard Delight 2024 Speakers

A short Media Study presentation and reception will follow for invited advertising agency executives at 4:00PM, and IBA members are encouraged to stay and mingle with advertising decision-makers.
Dave Arland

Dave Arland, IBA Executive Director

Joseph D'Angelo

Joseph F. D’Angelo, Senior VP, Broadcast Radio & Digital Audio

Xperi has been at the forefront of ensuring that broadcasters are well-represented in a high-quality way in automobiles. Their DTS Autostage platform, which is free for broadcasters, ensures not only that radio looks great, but also provides data to help stations understand where and when their audience listens while in the car.

Arianne Walker

Arianne Walker, Chief Evangelist: Amazon Smart Vehicles

Arianne Walker of Amazon Smart Vehicles is at the forefront of the development of Amazon Alexa for automobiles. She will share insight into what Alexa in the car is capable of today, as well in the future, including audio and video.

Fred and Paul Jacobs

The State of Radio In The Car: Fred and Paul Jacobs

Our lunch speakers will present just-released findings from their latest Techsurvey as well as a review of trends showcased at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show.

Steve Newberry

Taking Radio’s In-Dash Presentation To A New Level: Steve Newberry, CEO, Quu

Quu provides broadcasters with the ability to showcase their metadata content in a high-quality, consistent way in both their RDS feeds as well as through HD Radio, where title, artist, and corresponding graphics can be featured. Quu also provides numerous ways for stations to generate revenue through the integration of enhanced information and graphics that are provided when ads run, and at other times during the broadcast. Steve Newberry is also a broadcaster and currently owns stations in Kentucky, so he not only understands the technology, but its proper application.

David Layer

NAB’s Digital Dashboard Report: David Layer, VP of Advanced Engineering, National Association of Broadcasters

The third edition of the “Best Practices” report was published by the NAB last October. Highlights from the report will be shared by David Layer, who will showcase the importance of ensuring that radio look as good as possible in the car, along with tips on how to execute them.

Nicole Bergen

Indiana Media Study: Nicole Bergen of SmithGeiger

Hear results of a new Indiana Media Study commissioned by IBA and conducted by noted research firm SmithGeiger, which has completed similar studies in other states. The survey of some 1,500 Hoosiers profiles their media consumption habits — from morning drive radio to TV news and social platforms – is the first comprehensive overview of both attitudes about media sources and consumption habits.

Shawn Dubravac

Future Forward Keynote: Shawn DuBravac

The former Chief Economist of the Consumer Technology Association and best-selling author, Shawn is a futurist with a keen understanding of technology trends, including in the automobile. Shawn is a regular speaker at broadcasting conventions including the NAB and several State Associations, and brings a sensibility to the future impact of how changes in the car will affect broadcasters.