Build New Revenue Opportunities with High School Sports Streaming

Indiana radio stations who rely on high school sports to fuel advertising and community connections should consider adding video streaming of football and basketball games – and maybe more community activities – to their offerings for local advertisers and the community.  Start-ups are already streaming games and some schools have their own offerings, although typically without the play-by-play offered by seasoned radio sports broadcasters.

Best Practices

Learn from the expert high school sports streamers about the revenue opportunities for stations and how they have turned video streaming into substantial additional businesses for their stations.

KREF Sports Radio Case Study

KREF Radio is an AM station in Oklahoma that has transformed its business model to serve local sports fans with a rich assortment of profitable streaming options that supplement the station’s play-by-play coverage.

RadioAlabama Case Study in New Profit Opportunities

RadioAlabama is profitably operating on several multimedia platforms, with sports streaming as a fundamental ingredient of their success.

Hoosier Hotshot:  The Region’s Sports Leader

Sam Michel of WJOB Radio leads the sports effort that created JEDTV, the video complement to WJOB that is a reliable resource for fans and a profitable opportunity for one of Chicagoland’s most successful radio operations.

Woof Boom Powerhouse

Muncie’s Mark Foerster of Woof Boom Radio has built an empire of sports broadcasting on several stations that leverage expertise in play-by-play with new video streaming options.  Learn from his experience and how to build out new opportunities for your station.