Start Your Sellers with New Year Training

Both P1 Learning and Local Broadcast Sales are offering a variety of sales training opportunities for IBA members early in the new year.

New sellers can take advantage of the P1+ New Sellers Program. P1 Plus is a live-assist onboarding training program designed specifically for new salespeople who have less than two  years of experience in the broadcast industry. Participants take part in seven weeks of online training videos, accompanied by homework assignments and weekly one-hour Zoom meeting with instructor Speed Marriott. At the end of the program, sellers are prepared to tackle every aspect of the sales cycle, from setting appointments to closing the deal.

[CLICK HERE] to register for the P1 New seller Training

Coming up on January 9-11, LBS is organizing its “Year of the Customer” event. During these ten fast-paced sessions,sellers and managers will be equipped
to embrace 2024 with fresh ideas, unwavering motivation, and provenstrategies for becoming their clients’ and prospects’ LOCAL media champion!

[CLICK HERE] to register for the “Year of the Customer” event

And closing out January is the annual “Rising Above” sales summit featuring Derron Steenbergen, Speed Marriott, and a fresh lineup of speakers. Featuring lessons from the best trainers in the business, Rising Above is a day-and-a-half live virtual training event designed to teach, coach, inspire and motivate attendees to rise above the challenges of today’s sales and management environment.

[CLICK HERE] to register for the Rising Above Summit


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