IBA Career Fair Panelist – Dani D, Hot 96.3 Host

Born and raised in Chicago, Dani D was proud to serve as a weekend talent for the city’s own 107.5 WGCI-FM. As a small child, Dani knew she’d be living her dream as a broadcaster and never lost sight. While attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Dani received her first opportunity in radio at the school’s student run station, WIDB.net. Because of an internship with Power, Dani landed a job producing various radio shows. Dani eventually began working overnights on air only a year after serving as a producer, and not long after, she received a second air shift working during the day on Sundays.

Not long after, Dani received a call from iHeart Media’s WGCI Chicago with an offer that she simply couldn’t refuse. She was then heard 2 days a week on a larger format (WGCI), Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm. She served the tea, kept it real, and her bubbly energy kept listeners locked in. Along with being a radio host, Dani does numerous voice overs, hosts events, and is heavily involved with community service.

Radio is Dani D’s ultimate passion and feels that she has not done her job on air if she hasn’t made at least one listener smile.


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