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Indiana Broadcasters Foundation will begin accepting applications for the 2020 scholarship program on Monday, January 6.  Applications will be accepted through Friday, February 7.  Recipients will be notified in early March and honored on Saturday, March 28th at the IBA Spring Career Day.

Again, the Foundation will award $50,000 to deserving students.

“To me, receiving a 2018 IBA scholarship means I can continue to develop and enhance my skills as a student journalist, but now, with a little less weight on my shoulders. A scholarship like this allows me to focus solely on being the best young journalist I can be.”

 – Samantha Johnson, Ball State University

“This scholarship is both a celebration for broadcasting education and for academic achievement. IBA’s support will help me continue my studies and pursue a journalism career. Additionally, the scholarship, award ceremony, and all of the people involved were great.”

– Kyle Crawford, Ball State University

“Because of the 2018 IBA Scholarship, I now will able to fulfill every college students’ dream: graduate college without any student debt. By not having to be stressed with wondering how I will pay for a student loan, I can continue to push myself every day to become the best person, scholar, cinematographer, and editor I can be at Ball State.”

 – Connor Nichols, Ball State University

“Receiving an IBA scholarship allows me to focus less on working several jobs and more on my education and becoming a better journalist. I can devote my free time to studying and doing news stories for student media. This scholarship benefits my education tremendously, and I’ll be forever grateful to IBA for the contribution.”

– Brittney Ermon, Ball State University

“I know this sounds cliche, but the truth is that this scholarship is an unbelievable blessing for my family and I.  Honestly, I have really struggled to pay for education while staying out of debt.  This scholarship has afforded me a much needed breath of fresh air and removed a great deal of anxiety from my life.  This scholarship also gave me the opportunity to chase my dream.  To be specific, this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to intern with Reach Records in Atlanta, GA.  This record label is probably my favorite label and a very respected company in the industry as well.  They had a big impact on why I wanted to get into the radio broadcasting industry in the first place, to share their music with others.  Because the internship is unpaid, I was crushed with the thought that I would have to pass up on this dream-like opportunity.  Because you people gave me this scholarship, I was able to fund my summer semester credits, which allowed me the flexibility to move to the area and pursue this career dream!  I am so excited for what is to come and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

 – Kyle Winkel, Indiana University

“Receiving the IBA Scholarship is invaluable to my education. As a student journalist, every reaffirmation of my ability in this field is a truly incredible feeling, and I am grateful for the kind of assistance this scholarship provides. It is a wonderful reminder that my dreams and goals are attainable, and being a recipient will push me to be the best I can be both academically in the present and professionally in the future.”

– Cameron DeBlasio, Ball State University

“Receiving an Indiana Broadcaster’s Association Scholarship has not only benefited me monetarily, but it has helped me professionally too. The opportunities and connections I’ve made with Indiana broadcasters have been invaluable to my education, and receiving this scholarship has been one of my greatest collegiate achievements. Thanks to IBA, I am following my dreams!”

 – Esther Bower, Ball State University

“Receiving this scholarship has given me motivation to continue working hard in my chosen field of Digital Sports Production. This award vindicates that my worth ethic and determination thus far has been well worth it. Putting forth my best effort in my education is a priority and the scholarship aid lessens the financial burden, therefore helping me to focus more on pursuing my dreams.”

– Seena Greiwe, Ball State University

“Being selected as a recipient of the 2018 Indiana Broadcasters Association Scholarship means the world to me. Attaining a college education, although rewarding and a necessity in today’s day and age, is very expensive. Scholarship awards like the Indiana Broadcasters award make it possible for me to attend such an excellent institution like DePauw University. Receiving the scholarship also served as a reminder that established Journalists at numerous Indiana affiliates, believe in my talent and ability to be apart of the next generation of Broadcast Journalists and that is priceless. ”

 – Cailey Griffin, DePauw University

“Contributing to the IBA scholarship program is a great way to strengthen broadcasting in Indiana. Broadcasting and Journalism students are the future of our industry and support from stations is vital in attracting and educating great talent. I encourage all stations to contribute to the scholarship program and the future of our industry.”

– John O’Brien, WNDU General Manager

“WTTS/WGCL has been a consistent supporter of the IBA Scholarship Program.  As General Manager, over the years I’ve have spent time evaluating some incredible applications from bright, talented high school and college students who have immense passion for our industry.  All IBA stations can benefit by getting behind this great program.  Who knows, your next great talent just might be an IBA Scholarship recipient!”

– Geoff Vargo, Sarkes Tarzian General Manager

“I feel the IBA scholarship program is vital to radio and TV’s future.  What better way can stations provide much needed financial support to the future leaders in our industry. ” 

– Gene Kuntz, WITZ AM/FM, WQKZ-FM General Manager

Indiana Broadcasters Foundation Scholarship

Each year the Indiana Broadcasters Association awards college scholarships to worthy students who are pursuing a degree in the field of broadcasting.  IBA works cooperatively with Indiana institutions that offer broadcasting programs, annually funding several scholarships that help students with education expenses.

Contact Phone: (317) 565-3011

Contact Email: [email protected]

Reid Chapman Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship given by the Indiana Broadcast Pioneers in honor of Indianapolis native, Reid Chapman who began in radio in Vincennes in 1943, after a Navy stint. At WISH radio in Indianapolis, he worked nights without pay to become an announcer. For years, he was “Chuckles Chapman,” host of a long-running radio variety show in Indianapolis.


Contact Phone: (317) 565-3011

Contact Email: [email protected]

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