2023 Scholarship Winners

2023 Spring Scholarship Winners!

Each year the Indiana Broadcasters Association awards $5,000 scholarships to ten deserving broadcasting students attending an Indiana college or university. A large portion comes from donations from our members. Donating to the IBA scholarship is not only a good way to earn EEO credit, but invests in the future of the broadcasting business. Thank you to all who donated in 2023!

Corporate contribututions from our members

Continental Broadcast Group
Woof Boom Radio
Michiana Public Broadcasting
Jasper on the Air

Midwest Communications

Individual contributions from Indiana Broadcast Pioneer members

Alan Riebe
Bill Willis
Bob Gregory
Donald Fischer
Patty Spitler

Lee Giles
Charles Schisla
James Culbertson
Linda Lupear
Phillip Smith

Richard Florea
Bob Mclain
Tom Cochrun
Joe Misiewicz
Peggy McClelland

Applications for 2024 IBA scholarships will open to students in early 2024. Check back for more information

Why It Matters

“I am deeply thankful to the Indiana Broadcasters Association for continuing to support my career in broadcasting, both through their financial help as well as through their job fairs and resources. I’m able to stay on campus and stay close to Goshen’s broadcasting community because of this scholarship. The IBA has been so supportive during my college career, and I can say wholeheartedly that I wouldn’t be where I’m at in my career without this scholarship. Each and every winner is given a great opportunity, and I’m excited to see what my fellow recipients do with it.”

Dante Stanton

Goshen College

“I am beyond grateful for this scholarship as it allows me greater financial freedom to pursue future opportunities. By being an IBA scholar, I’m being recognized for my current career contributions while supporting my ambitious goals. I am passionate about broadcasting, I am proud to represent my school, my community and myself in the industry.”

Eva Hallman

Butler University

“Winning the IBA Scholarship was a blessing. I am very grateful to be able to continue my college education and change our socie.es future by having a voice as broadcaster!”

Jennifer Moreno

University of Indianapolis

“Having the blessed opportunity of applying and winning this prestigious IBA scholarship award that many other successful students and alumni won means the absolute most to me. This scholarship grants me a massive opportunity of continuing my future in broadcasting without having to worry about any financial issues and strive to become the greatest version of myself”

Liam Blaze

University of Indianapolis

“Being selected as an IBA Scholar not only guarantees some financial security, it provides me with confidence and an invaluable connection to employers across Indiana!”

Madeline Fisher

University of Indianapolis

“Winning the IBA scholarship means so much to me as it will help me with my future in live broadcasting. I have always had a passion for live broadcasting, and knowing the Indiana Broadcasters Association is helping me pursue a career that I am passionate about means a lot. I hope to have a successful career in live broadcasting so that one day I can give back and help those who have the same passion as me.”

Rachel Henderson

Ball State University

“What this scholarship means for me is adding linear focus on broadcasting and education.”

Colin Williams

Ball State University

“Winning the IBA scholarship means that I won’t have as much financial worry as I did before. I am able to focus more on my education and career thanks to this award and it allows me to pursue my ambitions within broadcasting!”

Ariel Roy

Ball State University

“I am so incredibly grateful to have received this scholarship. Knowing that Indiana broadcasters support me and my future in the industry is an honor. I love the field that I am in and this scholarship allows me to go to school without worrying about how I can afford college. Again, I am just so honored and excited for the future that I will have in broadcasting, thanks to the scholarship and support from broadcasters across the state.”

Amelia Turnbull

Goshen University