We Are Broadcasters: New Campaign Highlights the Reliability of Local Radio and TV

Americans turn to local TV and radio stations to provide them with the news, emergency updates, weather reports, sports and entertainment they value. Yet, the policymakers who have the ability to shape broadcasting’s future do not always understand local stations’ vital role in communities.

NAB launched the We Are Broadcasters campaign in 2013 to educate legislators about the many ways their constituents rely on local broadcasters. To date, more than 2 million spots have been aired by stations.

As part of this campaign, NAB is pleased to provide new radio and TV spots available in English and Spanish that will replace the current spots airing nationwide. The new “Just the Facts” spots remind policymakers and audiences that radio and TV stations are the most trusted source of local news, with no agenda like on social media or cable “shout shows.”

To download all of the new “Just the Facts” spots, click below.


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