Register for the IBA Broadcast News Seminar with Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute

The IBA is proud to bring back Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute for our second Broadcast Journalism Seminar at Cinema Center (437 E. Berry Street) in Fort Wayne on Saturday, April 27th.

The day will start at 9 a.m. and include a sessions called “Write Tight.”  In that session, journalists will:

  • Learn the right motivators that will make every story more interesting to a wider audience.
  • Learn why some soundbites “hang in your ear” while others are forgettable.
  • Learn what goes where in a story and why.
  • Discover why active verbs are essential for good journalism.
  • Hear from Al on how to find a story focus.

The event is FREE to attend and will include a lunch.

What They Said

Tompkins held his first Broadcast News Seminar in Indiana last fall.  Here is what some of those who attended said about his presentation.

“Loved the event! Al Tompkins is AMAZING.”Cheryl O’Brien, WXIN/WTTV (Indianapolis)

“I enjoyed Al’s seminars. Very informative and he was easy to understand.  I’m not sure of improvements, I thought the whole thing was very good, well-planned and executed very well. It would be cool to have a panel discussion with news reporters or directors regarding issues we all deal with: shrinking budgets, how to handle social media on top of broadcast coverage, crisis coverage execution, etc.”John Zimney, Federated Media (Elkhart)


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