P1 Learning Plus: Why it Works

The IBA and P1 Learning are partnering to offer sales training for new sellers at your station.

Click the link above to hear from those who have gone through the program and how it has helped them better sell for radio and television.

Is there someone at your station that you feel would be great seller? A few last minute spots have reopened for P1 Learning’s new broadcast sales on-boarding program, P1 Plus.

For a total of seven weeks, P1 Learning trainers will guide new and entry level sellers through a combination of online courses, weekly conference calls, testing, and homework assignments.

  • 40+ Online Video Courses
  • Weekly Discussions with Trainers
  • Individual Course Testing & Homework Assignments
  • Final Sales Cycle Project with Prospect
  • No Cost For IBA Members!

Summer sessions are available.  If you or a member of your team is interested in enrolling, email Sam Klemet (sam@indianabroadcasters.org)


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