New Spot for the Indiana Secretary of State (INSOS) “Moneywise”

As of this past Monday November 27, 2023, the IBA is now asking member stations to run four PEP campaigns on the air. The newest spot :30 “Moneywise” spot can begin airing immediately and should run through January 30, 2024.

Please continue to run the following PEP campaigns:

1. Indiana Department of Education (IDOE): run now through December 31, 2023

Radio: IDOE2304
TV: IDOE2303

2. NEW! Indiana Secretary of State (INSOS): run now through January 30, 2024

Radio: INSOS2319

3. College Choice 529 (IES): run now through December 31, 2023

Radio: IES2302
TV: IES2053

4. Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC): run now through December 31, 2023

Radio: IURC2112, IURC2113
TV: IURC2301, IURC2302

We ask each radio member to run at least 20 spots from each client each month, in a “run of schedule” from 6:00am to 12midnight. Television members are asked to please run 10 spots per client per month, in a “run of schedule” from 6:00am to 12midnight. Of course, you may run as many PEP spots as you’d like, beyond the minimum commitment and after midnight.Please stop airing any other campaigns associated with PEP as they have expired.

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How to Report PEP

In an effort to be courteous of your staff’s time and resources, and as a way to save your stations on postage expenses,  the IBA is asking all stations to submit invoices electronically using one of these five Electronic Data Interface (EDI) providers:

    IBA ID: RI14229 or 9914229
    IBA ID: 2098
    IBA ID: 162215
    IBA ID: EMT 12722

Sending invoices via EDI providers means your stations no longer need to send paper or emailed invoices.  If you are not able to use one of these services, please email PDFs of your invoices to

Each PEP campaign needs to be invoiced separately.



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