New PEP Campaign to Combat Opioid Crisis in Indiana; TV and Radio Spots to Begin Airing Immediately

The Indiana Broadcasters Association is partnering with the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association to tackle the opioid epidemic that is impacting too many Hoosier families.

The IDEA has new :30 TV and radio commercials focused on the dangers of opioids that should begin airing on stations immediately as a part of the IBA’s Public Education Program (PEP).

Download the radio spots here.  When downloading, please enter ALL call letters of stations that are airing the commercials.

The spots should air between 5 a.m. and midnight.

This is the fourth campaign as a part of the IBA’s PEP initiative.  Spots are also available for the Indiana National Guard, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) and Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

Each radio campaign should air 20 times a month on each individual station which means radio stations should be airing a total of 80 PEP spots per month.

Each TV campaign should air 10 times a month on each individual station which means radio stations should be airing a total of 40 PEP spots per month.

Each spot has a specific ISCII/ADID code.  Please use them when coding traffic.

Your ongoing support for the IBA Public Education Program (PEP) is important because the Indiana Broadcasters Association funds most of its activities through PEP-related income, providing resources for educational activities, career fairs, EEO opportunities, scholarships, job postings, and recognition functions.  IBA’s advocacy activities are funded through membership dues.

In an effort to be courteous of your staff’s time and resources, and as a way to save your stations on postage expenses,  the IBA is asking all stations to submit invoices electronically using one of these five Electronic Data Interface (EDI) providers:

    • IBA ID: TV14685 or 9914685
    • IBA ID: RI14229 or 9914229
    • IBA ID: 2098
    • IBA ID: 162215
    • IBA ID: EMT 12722

Sending invoices via EDI providers means your stations no longer need to send paper or emailed invoices.  If you are not able to use one of these services, please email PDFs of your invoices to  If you have any questions or concerns, email Sam Klemet at

Each PEP campaign needs to be invoiced separately.


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