IBA to Follow Up with Stations that Haven’t Registered C-Band Satellite Downlinks 

The FCC has extended the deadline for filing C-Band satellite downlinks.  Stations now have until Wednesday, October 17th to register their C-Band satellite.

To ensure our members are properly registered, the IBA is going to be reaching out to stations to make sure they have completed the process.  Register here:

If you station has registered please fill out the form below.

If we don’t hear from your stations by Wednesday, July 11th, the IBA will follow up with phone calls.

The filings are needed because the FCC has no way of knowing exactly how many stations are using satellite spectrum that reaches Earth stations. Last summer, the FCC noted that there are just 4,700 registered C-Band earth stations, suggesting that it believes the spectrum is presently underutilized.

The FCC filing fee is $435.

The Commission is looking at the potential for using C-band spectrum for more extensive mobile and fixed wireless broadband services.


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