Station RegistrationSpring Career Fair – March 23, 2024

2023 Fall Career Fair
2023 Fall Career Fair

New Year, New Hires, New Career Fair Plans

Registration is now open for the Indiana Broadcasting Spring Career Fair on March 23, 2024.  This spring’s event returns to the 502 East Event Centre in Carmel, Indiana, with ample free parking.

To help stations make the best hiring decisions, we are encouraging stations to register now to attend all three events on Saturday, March 23 – one aimed at sharpening hiring and coaching skills, one designed to showcase outstanding college talent, and the final event with job seekers at the Career Fair itself.

Here’s the schedule for Saturday, March 23:


Doors open for stations to make early table selections and set up for the afternoon Career Fair.


14 Traits of Breakthrough Talent workshop for stations by Steve Wexler.

In this 90-minute session, Steve reveals the specific 14 traits that are inherent in the most successful content creators. Understanding these 14 traits will help broadcasters recruit more interesting people and will unlock ways to coach our talent more effectively.

“When we identify, recruit and coach on-air talent, do we really know what we’re looking for, or are we relying on a subjective and imprecise method for selection and feedback?  Do we know what traits are inherent in the very best, most successful breakthrough talent?  If we do, we’ll be more successful hiring, evaluating, and coaching our content creators,” – says former Journal and Scripps broadcaster Steve Wexler.


Spring Awards Luncheon for the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters.  IBA members stations attending the Career Fair events are invited to lunch to see the “best of the best” award-winning student broadcasters.

2:00PM to 4:30PM

Spring Career Fair event for stations and Job Seekers.

EEO Participation Certificate

We do ask that member stations adhere to the following six rules, in order to receive an EEO participation certificate at the conclusion of the event.

Complete Station Registration before the February 29th deadline.

  1. Update your Job Postings on the IBA website, as this is the primary way that Job Seekers will find out about available openings.
  2. Promote the event On-Air.  IBA will be providing broadcast-ready spots for TV and radio for registered stations. Stations are also permitted to create their own promotional announcements to encourage attendance at the Career Fair.
  3. Attend the 90-minute “14 Traits of Breakthrough Talent” seminar held by Steve Wexler.
  4. “Dress for Success” by putting your best foot forward as we look to attract young talent to our industry. This applies to table presentations as well as your team.  The most attractive and engaging displays typically win the most attention from Job Seekers.
  5. Stay for the entirety of the Career Fair (2:00PM to 4:30PM Eastern time).

Station registration cost for the Career Fair is $50 per table, with payment accepted via credit card in advance of the event.

While multiple stations can share a table (so long as they are owned by the same ownership group), extra tables are also available for $50 each.  All station participants at the IBA Career Fair are required to be members in good standing with the Indiana Broadcasters Association.

Steve Wexler’s 14 Traits of Breakthrough Talent training and lunch are provided as a member service of the Indiana Broadcasters Association.

Fair Details

Date: March 23, 2024

Table Setup: 9:00AM

502 Event Center Carmel, IN

Station Registration:
$50 per table

Registration Deadline:
February 29, 2024

Registration is Closed