The scholarship winners of the 2024 IBA Career Fair

2024 Scholarship Winners!

Each year the Indiana Broadcasters Foundation awards $5,000 scholarships to ten deserving broadcasting students attending an Indiana college or university. A large portion comes from donations from our members.

Thank you to all our Corporate and Individual contributors.  See below for a complete list.

Corporate Contributions From Our Members

Jasper on the Air:

WITZ-AM, Jasper
WITZ-FM, Jasper
WQKZ-FM, Ferdinand

Sarkes Tarzian:

WTTS-FM, Bloomington
WGCL-AM, Trafalgar

Coastal Television of Indiana:

WAZY-FM, Lafayette
WBPE-FM, Lafayette
WYCM-FM, Lafayette
WSHY-FM, Lafayette


WTWO-TV, Terre Haute

Continental Broadcast Group:

WEDJ-FM, Danville
WNTS-AM, Beech Grove
WSYW-AM, Indianapolis

Midwest Communications:

WIKY-FM, Evansville
WSTO-FM, Evansville
WABX-FM, Evansville
WLYD-FM, Evansville
WTHI-FM, Terre Haute
WMGI-FM, Terre Haute
WBOW-FM, Terre Haute
WWVR-FM, Terre Haute
WIBQ-AM, Terre Haute

Michiana Public Broadcasting:

WNIT-TV, South Bend

Allen Media Group:

WEVV-TV, Evansville
WFFT-TV, Fort Wayne
WLFI-TV, Lafayette
WTHI-TV, Terre Haute

Sarkes Tarzian:

WAJI-FM, Fort Wayne
WLDE-FM, Fort Wayne
WGBJ-FM, Fort Wayne

Woof Boom:

WLBC-FM, Muncie
WERK-FM, Muncie
WMXQ-FM, Hartford City
WBKQ-FM, Alexandria
WLQQ-FM, Lafayette
WMUN-AM, Muncie
WHBU-AM, Anderson

Brewer Broadcasting:

WQLK-FM, Richmond


WXIN-TV, Indianapolis
WTTV-TV, Indianapolis

Scripps Media:

WRTV-TV, Indianapolis

Iron Horse Broadcasting:

WHZR-FM, Royal Center
WLHM-FM, Logansport
WSAL-AM, Logansport

Individual contributions from Indiana Broadcast Pioneer Members

Michael Miller
Lee Giles
Drew Carey
Howard Kellman

Charles Schisla
Joe Misiewicz
Don Fischer
Dale Ogden

Bob McLain
Reid Duffy
Jeff Smulyan

Applications for 2025 IBA scholarships will open to students in early 2025. Check back for more information.

Why It Matters

“Having the support of Indiana broadcasters means the validity of my efforts as a growing journalist. It also enables me the flexibility to pursue different broadcasting opportunities, from internships and events, without the typical financial stress. This current academic year has presented numerous opportunities that would have been unfeasible without the support of Indiana broadcasters. I thank everyone for their support, as the IBA scholarship is an award I am forever grateful for.”

Eva Hallman

Butler University

“I am beyond grateful to receive the 2024 Indiana Broadcasters Association Scholarship. This incredible opportunity allows me to continue exploring my career options and provides even more financial support as I approach graduation this fall. Despite facing significant challenges, including a severe case of COVID-19 and personal tragedy, I never gave up. My determination and perseverance have only grown stronger, and this recognition is a powerful reminder that anything is possible with hard work and resilience. I hope that my journey inspires others who are facing their struggles to keep fighting and never give up on their dreams.”

Braydyn Lents

Indiana University

“The support of Indiana broadcasters allows me to move forward in pursuing my career with confidence in myself and all of the work I’ve put in to this point. This support is extra motivation to chase everything I want and a reminder that what we do is impactful.”

Caden Colford

University of Indianapolis

“I am so very grateful to be receiving this scholarship as it allows me more financial freedom to pursue future opportunities within the journalism industry. By being an IBA scholar, I am not only being recognized for my current contributions to the field but also being connected to those within the industry in Indiana. I hope to have a successful career as a broadcaster so that one day I can give back to those who have helped me pursue my passion.”

Ryan Costello

Indiana University

“I am very honored and thankful to be given the confidence and financial support of the Indiana Broadcasters Association. The IBA scholarship will greatly support my journey to become a broadcast journalist. The scholarship not only gives me greater confidence in myself, but also the financial help that will allow me to focus more on my education and extracurricular activities in media and journalism.”

Evan Shotts

Ball State University

“I am beyond thankful for the kindness and compassion gifted with this scholarship from the Indiana Broadcasters Association. This scholarship will be used to aid my journey as a graduate student at Indiana University studying broadcast and documentary production. I truly believe everyone in this life has a story, and every single person has a voice that deserves to be heard. The support from the IBA organization will help propel me to serve my local community and Hoosier state by creating personal people-driven narratives, historical recollections, and hard-hitting news coverage. I aim to produce, write, shoot, interview, edit, and release video showcases that center around the voices of real people, with real stories, of real importance during my time at Indiana University. This scholarship will help with the financial costs of school and allow me to focus even more on journalistic opportunities on campus. After graduation, whether it be working within a news station to create informative engaging pieces, or working alongside a PBS crew to formulate documentaries that dive into unique regional topics – I know my work will serve and spotlight fellow Hoosiers. I hope to show the entire Indiana Broadcasters Association that this scholarship is not just an investment in myself – but an investment in storytelling across Indiana”

Jack Bassett

Indiana University

“I’m extremely blessed to have been in the position of applying and winning this IBA Scholarship. Winning this scholarship is an honor because it places me amongst the various successful and notable students and alumni who have won this award in the past and present. This scholarship enables me to continue the pursuit of success through broadcasting without any financial struggle while continuing to strive for excellence and greatness.”

Liam Blaze

University of Indianapolis

“I strongly believe that people are the most important part of any field, but especially media. The Indiana Broadcasters Association opens up so many opportunities to meet and network with professionals in my field that I feel more confident and comfortable in my future. Additionally, this scholarship is a great personal accomplishment and instills confidence in me to continue pursuing what I am passionate about because I know that everyone on the IBA committee is supporting me and believes in me. “

Parker Offhaus

Ball State University

“I am so thankful and honored to have been chosen to receive one of the scholarships from the Indiana Broadcasters Association. Obtaining a higher education is a privilege, and IBA allows me to continue my educational journey by providing me with financial security. I am excited to enter the broadcasting field and proudly represent myself, my family, and Indiana University. This scholarship not only provides financial security but, it also allows me to advance in my career and become the best broadcaster I can be.”

Alivia Wilson

Indiana University

“The support that I have received from the Indiana broadcasters will help me continue my education without the stress of financial burdens. Because of their generosity I am able to participate in clubs, focus of my classes and not worry about having to work several hours to make ends meet. Because of the Indiana broadcasters I can spend more time pursuing my passion”

Grace Marocco

Indiana University