IBA Career Fair Panelist – Joseph Boehnlein, WICR-FM Director of Engineering

Joseph Boehnlein started his radio career in 2001 when her walked in off the street to apply for a job at White River Broadcasting.  His only radio experience was recording songs off of my radio at home and it was one of those “I’ll empty trash cans for a chance to work at a radio station” situations.  Luckily, they had an opening to board op Dick Bartley’s Rock n Roll’s Greatest Hits on Saturday nights.  That morphed into Joseph’s own shift, overnights, on (at that time) WINN 106.1.

While he was babysitting the four stations, Joseph would snoop around in the Chief Engineer’s office. He managed to swipe the AudioVAULT manual and started messing around with the Vault on one of the stations.  Sidenote: The Broadcast Engineer in him is begging you not to ever do this… or, if you do, be good at lying when you screw something up… because you will screw something up.

Because Joseph read the Vault manual and because he could then apply what he read directly to one of the stations in the cluster, he became very familiar with the automation system.  Over the years, Joseph moved into evenings at the station and eventually into the news department.

He attended the University of Indianapolis during his college years and became a student management member and worked as the Program Director for 88.7 WICR.  Throughout his time at UINDY, Joseph studied the On Air / Program Director side of radio as well as the Engineering side.  He won several IASB awards for newscasting and on-air talent. Joseph also worked for Emmis and Cumulus as on-air talent and board op but I always had a love for technology.  When the dream of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest, only better, didn’t work out right away, he turned my focus to engineering and technology.

Joseph was able to get a job almost right out of college at what was then The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis. He was their Director of Operations which basically meant he handled all of their technology and website responsibilities.  A few years later, Joseph landed a job at the University of Indianapolis as WICR’s Director of Engineering and adjunct faculty member in the Department of Communication.  He also still feeds his on-air passion with an 80’s / early 90’s show that airs, on WICR, Saturday’s from 10 – Midnight.


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