Get After It! with Dawnna St. Louis

Acclaimed Small Market TV Exchange Speaker Has Indiana Broadcasters in her Sites

The Indiana Broadcasters Association is offering a special program for members to inspire TV and Radio broadcasters as the end of the year nears and as stations begin to look ahead to 2021 and beyond.  As broadcasters continue to work hard and stay innovative in the era of COVID-19, renowned motivational speaker Dawnna St. Louis will provide a unique perspective on how to stay motivated, move forward, and achieve success during her 90-minute program “Get After It.”

The free, online program will begin at 10AM Eastern on Thursday, October 22nd prior to the 2020 Spectrum Awards.  To register, fill out the form below.

Dawnna sat down with IBA Executive Director Dave Arland to preview the session.


What to Expect from “Get After It”

“Winners never graduate from getting better.”

The most valuable differentiator in any business is not the product’s new whiz-bang feature. It’s you… the sales pro.

When Dawnna started her business, she wore many hats – none more important that deal-closing sales pro. And the struggle was REAL!

She, like most sales pros stumbled into the profession, pieced together successes, and got coaching from leaders and mentors. While Dawnna did amazing feats of magic with those puzzle pieces, it wasn’t enough to separate her from the competition – especially when the market changed and things got tough. 

Dawnna’s sales skills had to extend beyond pressing-the-flesh or bribing teams with donuts. She needed to stay motivated, driven, and skilled enough to close deals and shorten the sales cycle.

Over the years Dawnna developed a unique sales methodology that became the revenue generating force of her $250M tech consultancy. Michael Bentley, Director of Sales at TF and veteran sales pro said: “Dawnna’s sales methodology is not just another Sandler remake.  These tools are market-differentiating game-changers that make all the other sales training investments and mentoring exponentially more valuable. That’s why Dawnna’s been our go-to resource for four-years straight.”

Stay motivated and drive your success when you discover how to:

  • Create an environment that destroys distractions and keeps you focused.
  • Amp up your playground, playmates, and playthings to propel your success.
  • Rock your Discovery Call with a simple 3-part strategy
  • Identify the tire-kickers from the top two buyer personas within minutes
  • Use Customer-Value language to influence buyers
  • Master the art of the next best question
  • Be a one-call objection-handling deal-closing ninja!

You’re a winner. Now get after it.

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