First Response Broadcaster Badge Renewals Now Open

It’s time to renew First Response Badges 2024-2025, as current badges will expire later this spring.  The process for renewal is simple, head over to the IBA website or click the link below. Download and print the Station Manager Approval Form and have it signed by your station manager. Upload the signed form as a PDF.  Fill out your contact information for yourself and station manager on the website and upload a headshot. Once you have everything filled out and uploaded, click “Submit”.

It will take a few weeks to produce and distribute badges to member station engineers, so the sooner the better.

Just a reminder, First Response Badges are only to be used by engineers for the purpose of keeping stations on-air during emergencies, they are not to be used by reporters to gain access to barricaded areas.

[CLICK HERE] to renew your first responder badge!


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