Enter the 30th Annual Spectrum Awards: Awards to Recognize the Best in Indiana TV and Radio

The Indiana Broadcasters Association will recognize outstanding achievement in broadcasting by Indiana radio and television stations over the past year during the 30th Annual Spectrum Awards on Friday, November 3, at the 502 East Event Centre in Carmel, Ind.

Each entry is $30 and individual stations may submit up to five entries per category. Submissions must be received by Friday, August 18th at 11:59 p.m.

Submit entries here

Instructions on how to submit entries through Best In Media

1.      Create an Account:  As in the past, you will need to create a new account.  For security reasons we do not hold over accounts from the previous year.  You may use the same username and password and email from last year, but you will need to re-create your account for 2017.  You do this by rolling over “Log In / Create Account” in the top navigator bar

Once you create a new account, you will be taken back to the main page. 

  • To fill out an entry(s) form, roll over “FORMS” to select an entry or payment form
  • To upload media files, roll over “MEDIA MANAGER” and choose an upload style.  You can also view ALL your media by selecting “View Your Media”

2.    Video File Format: Video files may be MP4 or YouTube links.  You must enter the full YouTube URL on your entry form AND YOU MUST UPLOAD THE URL INTO YOUR MEDIA MANAGER.  This is vital for your video to be viewable by the judges.

*Mp4 Formatting: We only allow the industry HD standard mp4 file format

  • CODEC: H.264 / AVC
  • Bitrate: 2000-3000 (Fixed or variable)
  • Frame Rate: 24, 97, 30 (No framerate higher than 30fps)
  • Aspect: 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080
  • Audio: mp3 / 1 or 48K / 16 bit / stereo / 192-320kbps

**YouTube Videos: You MUST upload your YouTube URL into your media manager. The reasons why?

  • Uploading your YouTube URL strips out all advertising
  • Uploading your YouTube URL removes all playlist functions
  • The judges view your video in the same player they see everything else
  • The judges DO NOT have to leave our site to view the video
  • You can see it in your media manager for previewing and reference

 3.     3rd Party Website Media:  We do not allow 3rd party website URL’s for video or audio playback.  Only videos running from our server or YouTube videos are allowed.

4.     Native Frame Rates:  If your broadcasts are edited using a framerate above 30FPS (59.94 or 60) you MUST export the file using 24, 29.97 or 30FPS.  This is industry standard for all media streaming sites.

5. Audio and photos:  All audio files must be submitted in MP3 format.  Pictures may be submitted as JPEGs or PNG files.

6.     Payment:  All payments must be made online.  Please have your credit / debit card information prior to going to the payment form.

Radio Market 1: Indianapolis Metro Area, Evansville, Fort Wayne, South Bend
Radio Market 2: All Other Markets

Radio Categories
Station of the Year
Best Newscast
Radio Station Broadcast Personality or Team
Local Community Involvement
Best Promotional Campaign
Election Coverage (New category)

Television Market 1: Indianapolis Metro Area
Television  Market 2: All Other Markets

Television Categories

Station of the Year
General News Story
News Feature/Use of Medium
Local Community Involvement
Election Coverage (New category)

2017 Spectrum Awards Rules and Criteria



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