Offensive Media Graffiti at Capitol, Advice on Safely Covering Civil Unrest

The violence and riots at the U.S. Capitol yesterday were plainly an attack on our country and democracy.  Unfortunately, members of the news media community were caught in the crosshairs.  Note the message left scrawled on a door at the U.S. Capitol.

Those who stormed the Capitol left callous messages aimed at broadcasters and other members of the media that are gravely concerning.  The bravery of those who stood strong to document the unrest offer another example of the fearlessness and commitment to public service by journalists.

As tensions remain high, please refer to the below resources to keep your staff safe.  Some of these resources date from earlier in 2020, but all offer good advice.

From the Poynter Institute:

From the Reporter’s Committee for Freedom of the Press:


From NAB:


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