2020 Spectrum Awards Finalists

The Indiana Broadcasters Association is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of TV and Radio in the state over the past year.  Below is a list of the 2020 Spectrum Awards finalists.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, October 22nd during a special virtual program at the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Ind.

2020 Spectrum Awards Finalists

Radio Market 1
(Evansville, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend)

Station of the Year

WIBC-FM (Indianapolis)

WLHK-FM (Indianapolis)

WRBR-FM (South Bend)

Broadcast Personality or Team







WFMS-FM (Indianapolis) – Jim, Deb & Kevin
Kevin Freeman – Morning Co-Host

WLDE-FM (Ft. Wayne) – Jim, Carrie & Angie in the Morning
Chris Didier – Operations Manager

WYXB-FM (Indianapolis) – Mornings with Sean Copeland
Sean Copeland – Morning Show Host








WNDE-AM (Indianapolis) – Indianapolis Cathedral Upsets Louisville Trinity
Scott Uecker

WKJG-AM (Ft. Wayne) – Local Sports Update – June 2020
Caleb Hatch – Sports Reporter

Best Promotional Campaign







WAOR-FM (Mishawaka) Celebrating Seniors
Zach Miller – Program Director

WIKY-FM (Evansville) The WIKY Morning Show
Aaron Santini – Program Director

WYXB-FM (Indianapolis) B105.7 Christmas Choir Competition
Sean Copeland – Program Director

Best Newscast







WIBC-FM (Indianapolis) – John Herrick June 1st 2020
John Herrick – Anchor

WOWO-AM (Ft. Wayne) – Morning Newscast June 1st 2020
Darrin Wright – News Director

WTRC-FM (Mishawaka) – Carl & John
Jon Zimney – Morning Anchor, Carl Stutsman – Reporter

Local Community Involvement







WJLT-FM (Evansville) – Keep My Kingdom Clean
Liberty DeWig – Brand Manager / Morning Co-Host

Radio One (Indianapolis) – Radio One Indianapolis Stop the Music Suicide Prevention Radio Block
Deon Levingston – Vice President / General Manager

WTRC-FM (Mishawaka) – St. Margaret’s House Radiothon
Jon Zimney – Program Director








WFRN-FM (South Bend) – Roto Rooter – It Won’t Go Down
Cody Collier – Program Director

WIBC-FM (Indianapolis) – Bare Arms – Annual Campaign
Dan Osborne – Creative Services, Emmett Andrews – Creative Services

WRBR-FM (South Bend) – Justin Elias State Farm “Ask Questions”
Warren Kluck – Talent / Writer / Producer, Jason Lee – Talent / Writer

Local Impact Reporting







WIBC-FM (Indianapolis) – Coronavirus Infects Indiana
Chris Davis – News Director

WJLT-FM (Evansville) – COVID-19 Response
Liberty DeWig – Brand Manager / Morning Co-Host

WTRC-FM (Mishawaka) – MNC Coronavirus Update Series
Jon Zimney – Program Director

Radio Market 2

Station of the Year

WITZ-FM (Jasper)

WLBC-FM (Muncie)

WMXQ-FM (Muncie)

Broadcast Personality or Team







WBDC-FM (Jasper) – Ty and Beezer in the Morning
Ty Hunter – Morning DJ, Brian Schwenk – Program Director

WHON/WQLK-FM (Richmond) – Kelley & Ray TODAY – Morning Show 101.7 the Point
Kelley Cruse-Nicholson – Morning Show Co-Host, Ray Wagner – Morning Show Co-Host

WKOA-FM (Lafayette) – Shamus and Annie in the Morning
Mike Shamus – Host, Annie James – Host








WHON/WQLK-FM (Richmond) – Richmond Red Devil Basketball vs. Greenfield Central Cougars
Michael Paul – Sports Play-by-Play

WSHY-AM/FM (Lafayette) Purdue Volleyball
Daniel Gillman – Purdue Volleyball Play-by-Play Host

WXFN-FM (Muncie) – Mark Foerster Play-by-Play
Mark Foerster – Sports Director

Best Promotional Campaign







WBDC-FM (Jasper) – WBDC’s Morning Brainteaser
Ty Hunter – Morning DJ

WLBC-FM (Muncie) – Hoosier Heroes
Kim Morris – On-Air, Lindsay Stafford – Local Sales Manager

WHPZ-FM (Bremen) – Pulse FM Downtown Summer Series
Tim Denniston – Production Manager

Best Newscast







WHON/WQLK-FM (Richmond) – COVID-19 Testing and Recovery, May 29, 2020
Jeff Lane – News Director

WLBC-FM (Muncie) – Newscast 2020
Steve Lindell – News Director

WVIG-FM (Brazil) – WVIG 9am News
Frank Rush – News Director

Local Community Involvement







WHPZ-FM (Bremen) –One Beautiful Night with Pulse FM
Tim Denniston – Production Manager, Melanie Bizoe – Promotions Director

WXXB-FM (Lafayette) – Feeding the Frontline
Joe Lacay – Program Director, Logan – Middays

WZWZ-FM (Kokomo) – Z92.5 Little Black Dress Event
Jessica Green – Operations Manager/Morning Show Co-Host








WCOE-FM (LaPorte) – Pronounced Jie-Roe
Dennis Siddall – Morning Host / Voice Talent, Jeff Wuggazer – Production Director

WLOI-AM (LaPorte) – He’s the Man
Jeff Wuggazer – Production Director, Eric Gaunt – Local Voice Actor, Matt Moore – Co-Owner / Writer, Anjy Schweder – Account Manager

WQLK-FM (Richmond) – Scary Hallows
Michael Paul – Production Director, Nathan Pentecost – Voice Talent

Local Impact Reporting







WBPE-FM (Lafayette) – Erik Wake and Capt. Art Choate
Erik Wake – Program Director/Afternoon Host

WLPR-FM (Merrillville) – Quarantining in Crown Point
Lakeshore Public Radio News Team

WYMR-FM (Culver) – Proposed Marshall County Jail Expansion
Anita Goodan – News Director

TV Market 1
(Indianapolis only)

Station of the Year




News Feature/Use of Medium







WISH – Patrol Surprises Grandmothers After Robbery
Brooke Martin – Reporter, Alexander Hadley – Photojournalist, Trey Friedrichs – Producer

WISH – James Dean: A Hometown Boy
Phil Sanchez – Reporter, Alex Hadley – Photojournalist, Trey Friedrichs – Producer

WTHR – A Moment of Distraction
Steve Jefferson – Reporter, Steve Rhodes – Multi-Media Journalist

Local Community Involvement







WISH – School Lessons on TV
Roxie Meo – Producer, Shawn Pierce – Producer

WISH – Gr8 Paper Push
Trey Friedrichs – Producer, Ethan Butt – Producer

WRTV – WRTV in the Community
WRTV Staff

Local Impact Reporting







WTHR- Gasping for Care
Bob Segall – Investigative Reporter, Steve Rhodes – Photojournalist, Bill Ditton – Photojournalist, Mehak Sandhu – Graphic Designer, Jason Richards – Graphic Designer, Shelby Simpson – Photojournalist, Cyndee Hebert – Producer, Susan Batt – Producer, Scott Hums – Digital Director

WTHR – Surprise Justice
Rich Nye – Reporter,  Ryan Thedwall – Photojournalist

WTHR- Who’s Keeping Watch?
Sandra Chapman – Investigative Reporter, Bill Ditton – Photojournalist, Frank Young – Photojournalist

General News Story







WISH – Former Drug Addict Goes Viral Again
Dan Klein – Reporter

WTHR – More than a Park
Dustin Grove – Reporter, John Duong – Photojournalist

WTHR – Veteran’s eBay Find
Dustin Grove – Reporter, Clint Erbacher – Photojournalist








WISH – Ashley Brown Weather
Ashley Brown – Chief Meteorologist

WRTV – WRTV Weather
WRTV Staff

WTHR – Sean Ash Weather
Sean Ash – Meteorologist








WISH-TV – The Zone
Anthony Calhoun – Sports Director, Ross Bolin – Sports Producer, Brian Eckstein – Sports Producer

WRTV – WRTV Sportscast
WRTV Staff








WRTV – WRTV Commercial
WRTV Staff

WTHR – American Water Heater Service “Family”
Neil White – Writer/Producer/Editor

WTHR – BAGI “Build Your Future America”
Neil White – Writer/Producer/Editor

TV Market 2 

Station of the Year

WEHT (Evansville)

WPTA (NBC) (Ft. Wayne)

WPTA (ABC) (Ft. Wayne)

News Feature/Use of Medium







WBND (South Bend) – Fight for Life: Jojo Strong

Allison Hayes – Reporter, Vahid Sadrzadeh – Photographer/Editor, Heather Ferrell – Producer

WPTA (NBC) (Fort Wayne) – Prayers for Ruby
Tom Powell – Reporter

WPTA (NBC) (Fort Wayne) – Stories to Spare
Luke Secaur – Producer/MMJ

Local Community Involvement








Kyle Fobe – News Director, Nishan Gilmet – Creative Services Director

WEHT (Evansville) – Local Community Involvement
Shane Boles – Creative Services Producer/Editor

WYIN (Merrillville) – Race and Justice: Here and Now
Matt Franklin – Producer

Local Impact Reporting







WANE (Ft. Wayne) – Disturbing Discovery
Kaitor Kay – Reporter, Randi Orr – Videographer

WBND (South Bend) – Coronavirus in Michiana

Kyle Fobe – News Director, Mandi Steffey – Asst.News Director, Brian Conybeare – Managing Editor, Vahid Sadrzadeh – Anchor, Brenda Koopsen – Investigative Reporter, Jonathan Bailey – Reporter, Tana Kelley – Reporter, Aaron Stevens – Producer, Naja Woods – Producer, Pierce Turner – Producer

WEVV (Evansville) – Post Super Bowl Newscast
Warren Stewart – Executive Producer/Producer, Mitch Angle – Director, Tyler Druin – Reporter, Erran Huber – Reporter, Kory Kempf – Photographer, Cameron Hopman – Meteorologist, Megan DiVenti – Reporter,  Eli Williams – Photographer, Hayden Crane – Photographer, Townsend Outlaw -Producer

General News Story







WANE (Fort Wayne) – Fort Wayne Protests
Randi Orr – Videographer

WLFI (Lafayette) – COVID Changes Family Visits at Retirement Home
Anna Darling – Journalist

WLFI (Lafayette) – Lafayette George Floyd Protest NATPACK
Ryan Delaney – Photojournalist








WANE (Fort Wayne) – Nicholas Ferreri
Nicholas Ferreri – Chief Meteorologist

WEHT (Evansville)- Your Weather Authority-Record Cold Snap
Wayne Hart – Meteorologist

WPTA (ABC) (Fort Wayne) – Matt Leach Weathercast
Matt Leach – Chief Meteorologist








WBND (South Bend) – ABC57 Saturday Kickoff Notre Dame v. Virginia

Heather Ferrell – Executive Producer, Allison Hayes – Anchor, Vahid Sadrzadeh – Reporter, Karla Rodriguez – Reporter

WNDU (South Bend) – Countdown to Kickoff
Tom Cullen – Executive Producer, Mark Skol – Sports Anchor, Chuck Freeby – Sports Anchor, Jeanne Obringer – Editor, Megan Smedley- Reporter,  Lindsay Stone – Reporter, Bobby Hensley – Photographer,  Chris Skibbe – Photographer/Editor

WTWO (Terre Haute) – WTWO Sports: Goin’ to the Endzone
Grant Pugh – Sports Director, Omar Tellow – Sports Anchor/Reporter








WEHT (Evansville) – KY RV Sales Chase the Adventure
Shane Boles – Creative Services Producer/Editor

WEHT (Evansville) – Trinity Hip Hop
Neil Kellen – Creative Services Producer/Editor

WTWO (Terre Haute) – Climbing Cafe
TJ Baysinger – Creative/Promotions Producer


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