Technical Assistant

Job Description

General Job Overview:

This full-time position will prepare the individual to successfully manage the day-to-day technical demands of the Woof Boom Radio stations. There will be a period to assist the individual in becoming familiar with the electronic and IT needs at our Radio Stations. The individual who becomes proficient in this position will be able to grow and take on more challenging roles.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities (listed in order of importance):
This can be an Entry-level job working with the Director of Technical Operations 5 days per week.
1. Complete PC maintenance tasks, including making file backups, monitoring antivirus stats, replacing motherboards, and installing Windows and industry-specific software.
2. Help with transmitter and studio site maintenance, including disassembling electronics for cleaning. Will learn soldering skills for audio connector installation. Will help with construction projects.
3. Be familiar with constructing, running, and testing network cables.
4. Assist with monitoring 7 streaming encoder PCs and work with staff to keep them updated and playing sound at all hours.
5. EAS weekly recordkeeping, signing as the Alternate Chief Operator.
6. Will be the primary contact for light building maintenance, including light fixtures, bulbs, air and water filters, and air handling equipment at 7 buildings. Will work with commercial repair vendors as directed.
7. Additional responsibilities and duties may be assigned by management. The candidate reports to the Director of Technical Operations for daily tasks.

Required Skills

Mathematical Skills:
Ability to measure cables in feet or meters, use of a tape measure, short-term memorization of numbers, account names, and passwords.

Reasoning Ability:
Manage time by troubleshooting PCs in the most efficient manner possible. Use safe data practices to protect computers from data loss and security leaks—knowledge of how not to contract a virus on a company computer.

Other Skills and Abilities:
Can commit to a work schedule and show up at all agreed times. Skills with using hand tools. Must be self-managed and responsible.

Education Required

A high school education or equivalent is required. Preferred: A college education in broadcasting, PC experience, and technical school classes are helpful but not required.


We provide Healthcare with HSA, Dental, Vision, Paid Vacation and Sick Time, 401k, and a Health Club membership.

How to Apply

Please send a Resume and Cover letter to

Woof Boom Radio

Muncie, IN

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