Operations Manager

Job Description

Daily on-air host and board operator. Direct the daily programming and operational procedures and policies under the supervision of the Program Director.

Required Skills

Demonstrated skill in radio operations and staff relations; outstanding organization, leadership, writing, and communications skills; team player with willingness to train staff and students; computer literacy; conversational on-air delivery and good board operator, production and tape editing skills; knowledge of Public Radio Satellite Operating System Software, Marketron traffic software, Enco DADPRO32, and Adobe Audition Digital Editing software highly recommended; writing and reporting skills also helpful; motivated and positive personality; and a willingness to represent the station in the community. Must demonstrate a pattern of regular and timely attendance.

Education Required

A minimum of three years of full-time experience in radio; broad background and knowledge of public radio; Bachelor’s Degree or higher academic degree required or equivalent experience;


Full description at: https://www.elkhart.k12.in.us/district/header-departments/human-resources
Benefits include: Medical Insurance & Health Savings Account, Paid Time Off, and Contributions into the Indiana State Retirement Fund.

How to Apply

Apply through the online Elkhart Community Schools Employment application process. Full job posting here:


Elkhart, Indiana

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