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Are you a dynamic News Producer who wants to create, organize content for multiple platforms, tell stories with integrity, live the principles of journalism, make our communities stronger and the world around us better? If so, come join us at WRTV in Indianapolis, IN, where we are continuing to create the future of our industry in local communities!

We are a community of welcoming, mission-focused and lively people that continue to grow as we grow our company and rise to our full potential in every aspect of our business.

Develop and organize newscasts or local programs; responsible for writing, story development and showcasing.
Collaborate with reporters, anchors, news managers and assignment editors to determine content needs.
Enhance the content with graphics, video, research, and station branding.
Execute time sensitive decisions.
Responsible for oversight of live broadcast and up to the minute editorial decisions.
Perform desktop editing.
Post content to station’s websites.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Skills

Avid local news consumer: knows daily news, events, trends and happenings on a local level.

Strong vision and ability to advance stories.

Excellent interpersonal communicator.

Extraordinarily passionate about writing; courageous and creative storyteller with attention to even tiny details – choosing the perfect words, grammar, spelling.
Highly organized.
Highly adaptable – fast paced, deadline driven environment.
Strong self-motivation.
Working knowledge of journalistic ethics and libel laws and strong editorial judgement.
Able to use web analytics.
Strong editorial, journalistic, and communication skills.
Proficient with newsroom computer systems, MS Office a plus.

Education Required

Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or related field, or equivalent experience.
Minimum of 2 years of experience as a television writer or producer.


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