Account Executive

Job Description

The account executive’s duties include, but are not limited to, the solicitation of advertising orders from the servicing of accounts the Company may assign to you (in the sole judgment and discretion of the Company) as well as the prospecting, contacting, and development of new clients/accounts to the Company. The account executive performs duties under the general direction and control of the General Sales Manager and the Director of Sales of the Station and any other person(s) so designated by the Company. This job description may be modified at any time as deemed appropriate by management. The primary job of the account executive is to sell the Company’s products which include, but are not limited to the sale of the following products of the Station/Company: Broadcast airtime, Event sponsorships, Website packages, and other sales promotion programs.

Required Skills

Previous sales experience preferred, bi-lingual is preferred, but not required.

Education Required

High School Diploma or more


Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

How to Apply

Send resume to


Indianapolis, IN

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