Train Up Your New Salespeople: P1’s Stellar New Seller Program Starts January 8

As a key benefit of membership, the Indiana Broadcasters Association provides training for new salespeople through P1 Learning – an ideal way for newly-minted salespeople to learn more about the business and get off to a good start.

P1 Plus is a live-assist onboarding training program designed specifically for new salespeople who have less than two  years of experience in the broadcast industry. Participants take part in seven weeks of online training videos, accompanied by homework assignments and weekly one-hour Zoom meeting with instructor Speed Marriott. At the end of the program, sellers are prepared to tackle every aspect of the sales cycle, from setting appointments to closing the deal.

Sales associates Allyson Collins and Garret Jones were both Awarded the 2023 Swagger On Sales Award at the IBA Spectrum Awards this year. They both also participated in the P1 Plus learning program earlier in 2023. Here is what they had to say about the program.

“I was not sure what to expect, but the P1 training was incredibly helpful in giving me a basic understanding of an industry I had never worked in before. It is definitely worth doing for any new sales rep.” – Garret Jones

“Enrolling in P1 Plus was the best decision I could’ve made for my career growth! Not only did P1 Plus enhance my existing skills, but it also introduced me to many innovative strategies to thrive in this industry that is constantly changing. I feel more prepared than ever before. I was a little skeptical, at first, because I didn’t think that training videos could be fun, but I was wrong! I found the videos to not only be informative, but also entertaining! I was also nervous that it would be difficult to manage my job AND do the training, but I was able to work around my schedule, for the most part. If there was ever a conflict, everyone was accommodating! I would highly recommend P1 Plus to anyone who is starting out in this industry! Thank you P1 Plus!” – Allyson Collins

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