Register Now: “Breaking Out of the Cocoon” with Mark Levy, RDR

You’re invited to “Breaking Out of the Cocoon!” with your Indiana Broadcasters Association and Mark Levy.


Because for many of us, 2020 seemed like a year that we were “trapped” inside an awfully ugly cocoon of well, ugliness! So I hope you’ll join your Indiana Broadcasters Association and yours truly Mark Levy as we “Break Out” to make this a profitable rest of the year! That’s pretty bold talk, so you’ll have to attend to see if I can back it up.

  • June 29 in Ft. Wayne
    Embassy Theatre
    125. W. Jefferson Blvd
    Ft. Wayne, IN 46802
  • June 30 in Bloomington
    Buskirk-Chumley Theater
    114 E. Kirkwood Ave
    Bloomington, IN 47408

Training starts at 10AM ET, it only lasts 3.5 hours and lunch is provided!

Now just the fact that the training includes a free lunch (and I understand there will be cookies too) should be enough to make you want to go. But there are even more reasons! If you’re a new media sales rep, you’ll learn how to do your job better, and make it more fun. If you’re a veteran, this program will help you remember strategies and tactics you may have forgotten or put on the shelf, back when your clients looked at you and said, “Without doubt, the best media salesperson I’ve ever worked with.

And managers: should you attend? Absolutely! Managers who attend training with their teams demonstrate their belief in the value of training and the value of their team. In addition managers, you’ll pick up first-hand the strategies and tactics I’ll be sharing with your team so that you can reinforce them back at the station. And it wouldn’t hurt if the station promotion director came too! Why? Because in our time together, we’ll cover:


People are actually getting out again…and they like it! So it is time to get your promotional game on! We promise this one is big! It’s exciting! And it will help programming and sales work together better (yes, even as good as you work together now!). You see, if programing and sales DON’T work together, station and sales promotions are bound to fail. So we’ll share strategic and tactical “best practices” to make sure your audience, clients and station get genuine value from any promotions you do. After we do that we’ll spotlight some of the best revenue and ratings promotions we’ve seen, sold, and competed against. And if you ask, we’ll give you not 30, not 40, but over 60 promotional ideas to take back to the station for you to fold, spindle and discuss so you can grow your station’s revenue and audience!


New sources of revenue! Sure, there are shiny new sources, but there is also new money in old sources! This session provides you with a map to find both. And by the way, ANYONE at the station can help (and should help) with prospecting!

Of course, because this is broadcasting, “But wait, there’s more!” (it’s broadcasting so you knew that was coming), we’ll throw a few other things your way, and yes, prizes too!

So please mark your calendars, set your alarm, and join me for “Breaking Out of the Cocoon!”

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