Snagging Your Station’s Share of Advertising – Covid Relief Dollars Arriving Now in Indiana Households

Urgent!  Opportunity is knocking and you must answer!  You have a chance to instantly increase your sales if you will immediately begin to tell the Covid-19 relief payment story.  Our clients are not aware of how much money is now available and YOU can be the one to help them get their share (and the same for your station.)  This webinar will educate you on the story to tell and teach you how to deliver the message.  For all broadcast sellers and managers.

Indiana households are expected to receive more than $ 8,000,000,000 (eight BILLION dollars) in Covid-19 relief in the coming days, with the average Hoosier household seeing more than $3,000 arriving in their bank account.  Some even got payments over this past weekend.  Your customers who sell cars, electronics, lawn equipment, and more could be poised to benefit from an expected leap in consumer spending.

On Wednesday afternoon (1:00PM Eastern / 12noon Central) join Kentucky station owner Derron Steenbergen – one of the most highly rated sales trainers in our industry – when he presents a short explanation and motivational presentation for our Hoosier sales teams.  Derron’s presentation “Strike While the Iron’s Hot – Go Get the Order NOW!” will give you and your team a window into what’s arriving this week in bank accounts, and how your customers can capitalize on this historic event.

All participants will walk away with a chart showing anticipated Covid-19 relief payments by Indiana zipcodes.  The amounts are staggering.  For example:

  • Fort Wayne households will see an infusion of at least $340 million.
  • Evansville households get $250 million.
  • South Bend households will see $170 million.
  • Terre Haute households get $77 million.
  • Jasper’s households can expect $60 million….and so on.

Who:  Sales expert and Kentucky radio station owner Derron Steenbergen
What:  45 minute webinar
When:  Wednesday, March 17 at 1:00PM Eastern / 12noon Central

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