Secure Your Spot: P1+ New Sellers Training

If you have new salespeople in your organization, there’s no better way to get them started on the right foot than to enroll them in the P1+ New Sellers program. The 7-week initiative is designed to provide new salespeople with the right tools to be successful as they work to increase your bottom line. IBA provides up to four opportunities per station, per year, to enroll new salespeople at the association’s expense.

Key Highlights
P1 Plus
Comprehensive 7-week sales training program
Expert-led training sessions
Access to a professional network for ongoing support

The IBA is offering 6 spots for the upcoming session (one per station) that starts on Monday, March 18, 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to equip new sellers for success from day one. Register today!

[CLICK HERE] to register for P1+


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