CBD/Cannabis Advertising in Indiana: What Broadcasters Need to Know


The IBA legal counsel advises against advertising CBD or Cannabis, here’s why

The purchase and sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) products became legal in Indiana in 2018. Since then CBD has become a major player in broadcast advertising. Tune into local radio or television and you are likely to come across advertisements for the nearby CBD retailer, some are candid others dance around the subject using terms like “smoking accessories” or “whole body wellness”.

In light of this fairly new phenomenon, the IBA decided to dig into the issue with their legal counsel. The bad news, or so for broadcasters currently accepting CBD advertising, is they suggest abstaining from such advertising. The good news, this is not a mandate and holds no legal authority.

“Broadcasting regulations regarding CBD and cannabis are less than clear both federally and within Indiana, but our advice is that broadcasters should not air CBD and/or cannabis advertising” IBA attorney Scott Leisz wrote in a memo.

To read the full memo click here


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