Best in Broadcasting Spectrum Awards

The Indiana Broadcasters Association is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of TV and Radio in the state over the past year.  Watch the 2020 Spectrum Awards by clicking the video above and a list of winners and finalists can be found below. 

Full Interview with Quinn Buckner

Indiana basketball legend – College and NBA champion and Olympic Gold Medalists – Quinn Buckner sits down with WISH-TV’s Sports Director Anthony Calhoun to discuss his legacy in the state, the Indiana Pacers unique season and what local broadcasting means the to Hoosiers.

Full Interview with Tamika Catchings

Indiana basketball icon and current Indiana Fever General Manager Tamika Catchings chats with Woof Boom Radio’s Mark Foerster about the importance of local broadcasting in helping her share her story and the work of her Catch The Stars Foundation as well as looks back on the Fever’s 2019-2020 campaign and looks ahead to the future of the organization.

Full Interview with Brad Long “Buddy”

Brad Long who played “Buddy” in the movie Hoosiers talks with WEVV Sports Reporter Andrew Garcia about his experience on set, what the movie means to the state and what lessons can be learned from the film more than three decades later.

Full Interview with author Bob Garner

Bob Garner, author of Hoosiers: Eleven Life Lessons and Events Coordinator at the Hoosier Gym – talks with IBA Executive Director Dave Arland about the movie, the inspiration to write the book, and why Hoosiers still resonates with people today.

2020 Spectrum Awards Finalists

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Winners will be announced on Thursday, October 22nd during a special virtual program at the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Ind.

Radio Market 1 (Evansville, Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend)

Station of the Year

WIBC-FM (Indianapolis)

WLHK-FM (Indianapolis)

WRBR-FM (South Bend)

Broadcast Personality or Team

WFMS-FM (Indianapolis) – Jim, Deb & Kevin
Kevin Freeman – Morning Co-Host

WLDE-FM (Ft. Wayne) – Jim, Carrie & Angie in the Morning
Chris Didier – Operations Manager

WYXB-FM (Indianapolis) – Mornings with Sean Copeland
Sean Copeland – Morning Show Host


WNDE-AM (Indianapolis) – Indianapolis Cathedral Upsets Louisville Trinity
Scott Uecker

WKJG-AM (Ft. Wayne) – Local Sports Update – June 2020
Caleb Hatch – Sports Reporter

Best Promotional Campaign

WAOR-FM (Mishawaka) Celebrating Seniors
Zach Miller – Program Director

WIKY-FM (Evansville) The WIKY Morning Show
Aaron Santini – Program Director

WYXB-FM (Indianapolis) B105.7 Christmas Choir Competition
Sean Copeland – Program Director

Best Newscast

WIBC-FM (Indianapolis) – John Herrick June 1st 2020
John Herrick – Anchor

WOWO-AM (Ft. Wayne) – Morning Newscast June 1st 2020
Darrin Wright – News Director

WTRC-FM (Mishawaka) – Carl & John
Jon Zimney – Morning Anchor, Carl Stutsman – Reporter

Local Community Involvement

Radio One (Indianapolis) – Radio One Indianapolis Stop the Music Suicide Prevention Radio Block
Deon Levingston – Vice President / General Manager

WJLT-FM (Evansville) – Keep My Kingdom Clean
Liberty DeWig – Brand Manager / Morning Co-Host

WTRC-FM (Mishawaka) – St. Margaret’s House Radiothon
Jon Zimney – Program Director


WRBR-FM (South Bend) – Justin Elias State Farm “Ask Questions”
Warren Kluck – Talent / Writer / Producer, Jason Lee – Talent / Writer

WFRN-FM (South Bend) – Roto Rooter – It Won’t Go Down
Cody Collier – Program Director

WIBC-FM (Indianapolis) – Bare Arms – Annual Campaign
Dan Osborne – Creative Services, Emmett Andrews – Creative Services


Local Impact Reporting

WIBC-FM (Indianapolis) – Coronavirus Infects Indiana
Chris Davis – News Director

WJLT-FM (Evansville) – COVID-19 Response
Liberty DeWig – Brand Manager / Morning Co-Host

WTRC-FM (Mishawaka) – MNC Coronavirus Update Series
Jon Zimney – Program Director

Radio Market 2

Station of the Year

WLBC-FM (Muncie)

WITZ-FM (Jasper)

WMXQ-FM (Muncie)

Broadcast Personality or Team

WHON/WQLK-FM (Richmond) – Kelley & Ray TODAY – Morning Show 101.7 the Point
Kelley Cruse-Nicholson – Morning Show Co-Host, Ray Wagner – Morning Show Co-Host

WBDC-FM (Jasper) – Ty and Beezer in the Morning
Ty Hunter – Morning DJ, Brian Schwenk – Program Director

WKOA-FM (Lafayette) – Shamus and Annie in the Morning
Mike Shamus – Host, Annie James – Host


WXFN-FM (Muncie) – Mark Foerster Play-by-Play
Mark Foerster – Sports Director

WHON/WQLK-FM (Richmond) – Richmond Red Devil Basketball vs. Greenfield Central Cougars
Michael Paul – Sports Play-by-Play

WSHY-AM/FM (Lafayette) Purdue Volleyball
Daniel Gillman – Purdue Volleyball Play-by-Play Host


Best Promotional Campaign

WHPZ-FM (Bremen) – Pulse FM Downtown Summer Series
Tim Denniston – Production Manager

WBDC-FM (Jasper) – WBDC’s Morning Brainteaser
Ty Hunter – Morning DJ

WLBC-FM (Muncie) – Hoosier Heroes
Kim Morris – On-Air, Lindsay Stafford – Local Sales Manager


Best Newscast

WVIG-FM (Brazil) – WVIG 9am News
Frank Rush – News Director

WHON/WQLK-FM (Richmond) – COVID-19 Testing and Recovery, May 29, 2020
Jeff Lane – News Director

WLBC-FM (Muncie) – Newscast 2020
Steve Lindell – News Director


Local Community Involvement

WHPZ-FM (Bremen) –One Beautiful Night with Pulse FM
Tim Denniston – Production Manager, Melanie Bizoe – Promotions Director

WXXB-FM (Lafayette) – Feeding the Frontline
Joe Lacay – Program Director, Logan – Middays

WZWZ-FM (Kokomo) – Z92.5 Little Black Dress Event
Jessica Green – Operations Manager/Morning Show Co-Host


WLOI-AM (LaPorte) – He’s the Man
Jeff Wuggazer – Production Director, Eric Gaunt – Local Voice Actor, Matt Moore – Co-Owner / Writer, Anjy Schweder – Account Manager

WCOE-FM (LaPorte) – Pronounced Jie-Roe
Dennis Siddall – Morning Host / Voice Talent, Jeff Wuggazer – Production Director

WQLK-FM (Richmond) – Scary Hallows
Michael Paul – Production Director, Nathan Pentecost – Voice Talent

Local Impact Reporting

WBPE-FM (Lafayette) – Erik Wake and Capt. Art Choate
Erik Wake – Program Director/Afternoon Host

WLPR-FM (Merrillville) – Quarantining in Crown Point
Lakeshore Public Radio News Team

WYMR-FM (Culver) – Proposed Marshall County Jail Expansion
Anita Goodan – News Director

TV Market 1(Indianapolis only)

Station of the Year




News Feature/Use of Medium

WISH – Patrol Surprises Grandmothers After Robbery
Brooke Martin – Reporter, Alexander Hadley – Photojournalist, Trey Friedrichs – Producer

WISH – James Dean: A Hometown Boy
Phil Sanchez – Reporter, Alex Hadley – Photojournalist, Trey Friedrichs – Producer

WTHR – A Moment of Distraction
Steve Jefferson – Reporter, Steve Rhodes – Multi-Media Journalist

Local Community Involvement

WRTV – WRTV in the Community
WRTV Staff

WISH – School Lessons on TV
Roxie Meo – Producer, Shawn Pierce – Producer

WISH – Gr8 Paper Push
Trey Friedrichs – Producer, Ethan Butt – Producer


Local Impact Reporting

WTHR- Gasping for Care
Bob Segall – Investigative Reporter, Steve Rhodes – Photojournalist, Bill Ditton – Photojournalist, Mehak Sandhu – Graphic Designer, Jason Richards – Graphic Designer, Shelby Simpson – Photojournalist, Cyndee Hebert – Producer, Susan Batt – Producer, Scott Hums – Digital Director

WTHR – Surprise Justice
Rich Nye – Reporter,  Ryan Thedwall – Photojournalist

WTHR- Who’s Keeping Watch?
Sandra Chapman – Investigative Reporter, Bill Ditton – Photojournalist, Frank Young – Photojournalist

General News Story

WTHR – Veteran’s eBay Find
Dustin Grove – Reporter, Clint Erbacher – Photojournalist

WTHR – More than a Park
Dustin Grove – Reporter, John Duong – Photojournalist

WISH – Former Drug Addict Goes Viral Again
Dan Klein – Reporter

WTHR – Veteran’s eBay Find
Dustin Grove – Reporter, Clint Erbacher – Photojournalist


WISH – Ashley Brown Weather
Ashley Brown – Chief Meteorologist

WRTV – WRTV Weather
WRTV Staff

WTHR – Sean Ash Weather
Sean Ash – Meteorologist


WISH-TV – The Zone
Anthony Calhoun – Sports Director, Ross Bolin – Sports Producer, Brian Eckstein – Sports Producer

WRTV – WRTV Sportscast
WRTV Staff


WRTV – WRTV Commercial
WRTV Staff

WTHR – American Water Heater Service “Family”
Neil White – Writer/Producer/Editor

WTHR – BAGI “Build Your Future America”
Neil White – Writer/Producer/Editor

TV Market 2

Station of the Year

WPTA (NBC) (Ft. Wayne)

WEHT (Evansville)

WPTA (ABC) (Ft. Wayne)

News Feature/Use of Medium

WBND (South Bend) – Fight for Life: Jojo Strong
Allison Hayes – Reporter, Vahid Sadrzadeh – Photographer/Editor, Heather Ferrell – Producer

WPTA (NBC) (Fort Wayne) – Prayers for Ruby
Tom Powell – Reporter

WPTA (NBC) (Fort Wayne) – Stories to Spare
Luke Secaur – Producer/MMJ

Local Community Involvement

WEHT (Evansville) – Local Community Involvement
Shane Boles – Creative Services Producer/Editor

Kyle Fobe – News Director, Nishan Gilmet – Creative Services Director

WYIN (Merrillville) – Race and Justice: Here and Now
Matt Franklin – Producer

Local Impact Reporting

WBND (South Bend) – Coronavirus in Michiana
Kyle Fobe – News Director, Mandi Steffey – Asst.News Director, Brian Conybeare – Managing Editor, Vahid Sadrzadeh – Anchor, Brenda Koopsen – Investigative Reporter, Jonathan Bailey – Reporter, Tana Kelley – Reporter, Aaron Stevens – Producer, Naja Woods – Producer, Pierce Turner – Producer

WANE (Ft. Wayne) – Disturbing Discovery
Kaitor Kay – Reporter, Randi Orr – Videographer

WEVV (Evansville) – Post Super Bowl Newscast
Warren Stewart – Executive Producer/Producer, Mitch Angle – Director, Tyler Druin – Reporter, Erran Huber – Reporter, Kory Kempf – Photographer, Cameron Hopman – Meteorologist, Megan DiVenti – Reporter,  Eli Williams – Photographer, Hayden Crane – Photographer, Townsend Outlaw -Producer

General News Story

WANE (Fort Wayne) – Fort Wayne Protests
Randi Orr – Videographer

WLFI (Lafayette) – COVID Changes Family Visits at Retirement Home
Anna Darling – Journalist

WLFI (Lafayette) – Lafayette George Floyd Protest NATPACK
Ryan Delaney – Photojournalist


WPTA (ABC) (Fort Wayne) – Matt Leach Weathercast
Matt Leach – Chief Meteorologist

WANE (Fort Wayne) – Nicholas Ferreri
Nicholas Ferreri – Chief Meteorologist

WEHT (Evansville)- Your Weather Authority-Record Cold Snap
Wayne Hart – Meteorologist



WNDU (South Bend) – Countdown to Kickoff
Tom Cullen – Executive Producer, Mark Skol – Sports Anchor, Chuck Freeby – Sports Anchor, Jeanne Obringer – Editor, Megan Smedley- Reporter,  Lindsay Stone – Reporter, Bobby Hensley – Photographer,  Chris Skibbe – Photographer/Editor

WBND (South Bend) – ABC57 Saturday Kickoff Notre Dame v. Virginia
Heather Ferrell – Executive Producer, Allison Hayes – Anchor, Vahid Sadrzadeh – Reporter, Karla Rodriguez – Reporter

WTWO (Terre Haute) – WTWO Sports: Goin’ to the Endzone
Grant Pugh – Sports Director, Omar Tellow – Sports Anchor/Reporter


WEHT (Evansville) – Trinity Hip Hop
Neil Kellen – Creative Services Producer/Editor

WEHT (Evansville) – KY RV Sales Chase the Adventure
Shane Boles – Creative Services Producer/Editor

WTWO (Terre Haute) – Climbing Cafe
TJ Baysinger – Creative/Promotions Producer