Political Advertising Webinar with Washington Counsel David Oxenford (Replay)

The next ten months may be the most active political advertising period in our country’s history – with the Democratic Presidential primaries and caucuses featuring billionaires willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on political ads, the November Presidential election in which advertising spending records are likely to be broken, hotly contested Congressional races, and state and local elections all to be decided. Stations need to be aware now of their political broadcasting obligations.

The FCC has just made some significant changes in the reporting requirements for issue advertising. Plus, in a time of claims about “fake news” and election meddling, as well as an online political file that can be reviewed from anywhere at any time, making sure that you understand and follow all the FCC’s rules about political broadcasting and issue advertising has never been more important.

The IBA’s Washington, DC attorney David Oxenford of the Wilkinson Barker Knauer law firm provides a refresher course on broadcaster’s political broadcasting obligations.


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