Next Monday is Sage EAS Deadline

By Monday, March 11, broadcasters using Sage EAS equipment are required to update their equipment to REV-96 (This update is a paid update it is not a free update and available for purchase from most broadcast equipment suppliers) so that when a station receives an over-the-air EAS alert, it must wait at least 10 seconds to determine if a CAP alert has been sent through the IPAWS system and, if it has, the station should rebroadcast that internet-delivered CAP alert rather than the one received over the air.  IBA Washington attorney David Oxenford wrote more about that requirement on our Broadcast Law Blog, here. (For stations using other EAS equipment, the deadline was December 12, 2023 to implement this requirement but as Sage was delayed in pushing out its equipment update, users of that equipment were given until March 11 to comply with this requirement.)


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