Meet the Speaker: Thaddeus Rex

Thaddeus Rex, “the Founder of Charisma,” is hosting a session on at the November 1st Indiana Broadcasters Conference called “Contagious Culture.”

Rex is a PBS veteran, national keynoter, and brand positioning expert.  His focus is on a process for making team members excited to talk you up with uniquely compelling charisma.

Rex recently joined forces with Flint Analytics to found Digital Charisma, a firm designed to help companies with large footprints optimize their analytics to help their brand beat different local competitors across multiple metro areas. He’s worked with Butterball, Australian Gold, Chicago Bears, Rotary International, Indy Eleven, and many more.

What You’ll Learn

See exactly how some of the world’s most successful companies are truly getting people engaged, and retaining them too. Discover The 5 Points you’ll use to embed your company’s culture in every team member’s subconscious. And for a particularly unforgettable moment, we’ll work together to write and record a song about your efforts, along the way learning how you can use messaging, values, and team activities to make your culture impermeably strong.

You will learn how to :

  • Apply the 5 Points of Contagious Culture to boost engagement, efficiency, and retention
  • Understand Rapport’s biggest barrier, and how you sail past it
  • Utilize 3 Laws of Human Nature proven to keep a team motivated and engaged
  • Find the secret to getting the entire team not only involved, but actually excited to boost the company’s reputation among friends, family, colleagues, customers and much much more…


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