Make an Impact: An IBA Career Fair Success Story

The Indiana Broadcasters Association is proud to connect future broadcasters with opportunities to begin or jump start their careers, including through our career fairs. The IBA hosts two each year, once in the spring and once in the fall, as well as serving as a participant of the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration Opportunity Fair.

The next career fair is Saturday, October 1, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Marriott Indianapolis North Hotel at 3645 River Crossing Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

IBA member stations can sign up for a table here.  Students and job seekers can attend for free.  No registration is required.   Simply show up, but should bring plenty of printed copies of their resume or provide it on a USB/Thumb Drive.  Professional attire is encouraged.


TIlly Marlatt of Depauw University and Max Williams of Radio One

TIlly Marlatt of Depauw University and Max Williams of Radio One

A prime example of the impact the career fair has on both job seekers and stations is the connection made between Tilly Marlatt and Radio One in Indianapolis.  Tilly, who happens to be an IBA scholarship winner from Depauw University, attended the IBA Spring Career Fair in April. She met with a handful of stations and ultimately landed an internship with Radio One, allowing her to work in various roles with five radio stations and a television station.

Tilly and Max Williams (featured in photo), of Radio One who met Marlatt at the Spring Career Fair, shared their experience with the IBA.

How did you hear about the IBA Spring Career fair and what compelled you to attend?

Tilly: As one of the recipients of the IBA scholarship, I knew that attending the career fair would be a great way to network and develop connections for future opportunities in broadcasting. I decided to use the career fair to seek summer internship opportunities since I had received a lot of “no’s” previously, due to only being a freshman. I knew if I attended the career fair and met with employers face-to-face, they could see my enthusiasm for broadcasting, and in return, would realize that I am more than what lies on my resume.

Why does Radio One participate in IBA Career Fairs? What is your expectation in terms of searching for interns/employees?

Max: From my experience the people who actually take the time to leave their house and go seek out employment are the determined ones that want it the most and are willing to put in the work. I have found two of the best employees I have ever hired from the IBA Career Fair. My expectation is someone that is willing to put in the work and time to learn more. I do not want someone that comes in entitled or acts like they know everything already. Real work experience is valuable and if you understand that you will grow.

What was the Career Fair experience like for you?

Working hard or hardly workingTilly: The career fair was an enriching experience, which allowed me to network with future employers and learn what they are seeking in prospective employees. I developed connections that may not have drawn an opportunity at the moment, but are invaluable as I continue to pursue a career in broadcasting.

Describe your interaction with Tilly at the Spring Career Fair?

Max: Tilly approached me with interest in an internship. She came highly recommended by several people I spoke with so I took some time to talk to her. She came off as eager and extremely intelligent. She told me about her scholarship and how hard she had worked to get it. She really knew what she wanted and I could tell she was passionate about media. We talked for a long time and I could tell she was the right choice.

How many internships or other opportunities came from attending the IBA Spring Career Fair?

Tilly: As a two-time recipient of the IBA scholarship, both as a high school student and college student, the Spring Career Fair has assisted in developing a network of connections in the broadcast industry.

PresentationMy first impression with the IBA Spring Career Fair came in April 2015. As an IBA high school scholarship recipient, I decided to attend the career fair simply to learn more about the industry. During the career fair, I met with Artistic Media Partners. I landed an internship immediately out of high school with Artistic Media Partners, due to attending the Spring Career Fair.

After this experience, returning in April 2016 was unquestionable. I met with Radio One, an urban media specialist. After learning about the company and the internship program, I knew that this opportunity would be a suitable fit for broadening my experience in broadcasting.

Beyond meeting with Radio One, I discovered several employers that may not have had opportunities available at the moment, but my encounter with them provided a pathway for future opportunities.

What did Tilly do to stand out among other applicants?

Max: Honestly, she was herself. I could tell instantly that she was going to be the cream of the crop. She was so enthusiastic and smart. She knew what she was talking about and knew radio. Her personality was definitely the right fit for us and what we do here.

What has the experience been like working as an intern at Radio One?

Karen Vaugh and TillyTilly: One word that defines my experience at Radio One is – impactful. The structure of the internship allowed me to rotate throughout each department, providing an overarching view of the radio industry. This allowed me to maximize the experience to its fullest. I entered into the experience open-minded and ready to learn all that the radio industry encompassed. After only eight weeks, the company has left an incredible mark on my perception of the broadcasting industry, as well as, my awareness of the roles that are influential outside of the public eye.

What are Tilly’s responsibilities as an intern?

Max: We have a six-to-seven week program at Radio One. Our interns do two weeks in promotions, two weeks in sales, a couple days in engineering, a couple days in the business department, a couple days in traffic, a couple days in TV, and a day with our GM. Throughout that time, she has served as our photographer and videographer. She has covered major events in the city such as Coldplay, Justin Bieber, and Convoy Of Hope.

What has been the most rewarding part of the internship?

B Lord and TillyTilly: Witnessing the small-scale efforts that contribute to the overall success of the company is gratifying. Whether I am working in the community promoting Radio One, assisting in engineering, or networking, every contribution is valued. Working is similar to sports. The team can’t win the game, if each player is not invested in the success of the team.

What has impressed you most about Tilly’s work?

Max: Tilly is much more advanced than her age would suggest. She is doing work that anyone in this building is doing right now. If she wasn’t in school, I would hire her right now and she wouldn’t miss a beat.

How do you think the internship experience has positioned you for a career in broadcasting?

Tilly: The experiences that I gained and opportunities that were allotted are invaluable in molding a career in broadcasting. All of this, I must thank Radio One for. From learning how to produce a show, to the skill set a salesmen needs to embrace, to learning how commercials go on air: my experience gained at Radio One will be instrumental in my future success in broadcasting. Without the IBA and the Spring Career Fair, affording a network to connect with employers, I may not have discovered Radio One.

How do you think this experience working as a Radio One intern has prepared Tilly for a career in broadcasting?

Max: I think she has gained some real work experience and worked with some of the best in the business. I think she has seen how important deadlines are and how important timing is. It is very fast paced and she handled that very well. Having five radio station and a TV station, she was able to get a broad scope of media.

What advice would you give to other students considering attending an IBA Career Fair in the future?

Telemundo 19Tilly: Preparation is the key to success. Bring multiple copies of your resume, be comfortable discussing what activities you have been involved with and how your experiences will be an asset to the employer. Most importantly, be open-minded. Do not enter into the career fair solely targeting one company or one medium of broadcasting. Think broadly in relation to your career goals, and be open to a variety of avenues.

I entered into the career fair ultimately seeking an internship with a television station, but I was open to exploring other avenues. I knew that, regardless of the opportunity I pursued, the experience I would gain would lead to further growth in broadcasting.

As a 2x recipient of the Indiana Broadcaster Association scholarship, both as a high school student and college student, the IBA has made a variety of opportunities available to me, which would not have been possible otherwise.

From the connections, networking and the endless opportunities that I have been given, I would not be where I am today without the IBA. As I reflect on my experience, I have grown both personally and professionally, largely due to the IBA and Radio One.

What advice would you give to other students/job seekers who are thinking about attending IBA Career Fairs in the future?

Max: Do it. For me, it shows that you are willing to get out there in front of people and show someone what you have. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and apply for jobs but I think the real work is going in to a room full of strangers and selling yourself to them. That takes initiative and that goes a long way in my opinion.


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