Indiana National Guard Returning as IBA PEP Sponsor

The Indiana Broadcasters Association is pleased to announce that the Indiana National Guard will be returning to the airwaves on November 1 as one of the sponsors of our Public Education Program.

As many IBA members will remember, a long relationship with the National Guard provided most of the funding for the association’s activities for nearly 20 years.  The Guard will be coming to the Indiana Broadcasters Conference in November to explain their new recruiting campaign, and to engage with stations as recruiting events are planned around the state.

Through the generous donation of unsold air time by its members, IBA is able to offer up to four annual sponsors a PEP opportunity.  PEP Sponsorships by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority will continue.  And we will keep working to identify a fourth sponsor, as well.

Traffic instructions and spots will be distributed in October for the November 1 launch of the new National Guard recruitment effort.


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