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Job Description

WNDU seeks a high-energy, self-motivated individual with exceptional communication skills to join our team as a Technical Media Producer (TMP). The TMP is a technical lead for production during live or taped studio broadcast productions, and is responsible for the setup and operation of the production switcher and associated technical equipment in the Production Control Room and/or live location environment. They are responsible for evaluating and assigning all video inputs, taking into consideration timing and video levels all while orchestrating the control room setup. The TMP will operate as the right hand of the News Producer to develop and execute the creative and technical “look” of the production by creating special effects via the production switcher and various effects equipment.

Required Skills

Duties/Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Live/Taped Productions:
• Set up and operate production switchers and all associated technical equipment in a Production Control Room and/or Live Location environment during live game and/or studio broadcast productions
• Orchestrate control room setup while simultaneously evaluating and assigning all video inputs taking into consideration timing and video levels
• Collaborates with the Producer to execute the technical and artistic vision for each live newscast and/or studio production
• Lead the technical portion of the production team during the production setup and coordinated the faxing of their equipment and show elements since their equipment and work pass through the production switcher
• Collaborate with traffic and HUB entities needed to verify all video and audio signals are routed correctly and making it to their final destinations
• During a live and/or studio broadcast production recall video sources, transitions, and effects and route studio monitors as instructed by Producers. Continuously monitoring all sources used during production to ensure all video levels look correct and stay on time which includes external feeds
• Must be able to handle the pressures of live programming and limited time constraints

Collaboration & Communication:
• Work closely with the Technical Operations and Production Engineering to identify, troubleshoot, and solve technical problems for Live Locations, PCRs, and Studio productions. Making sure each problem is resolved to completion
• Collaborates with Production Engineering, Technical Operations, and Production Management to identify and special order any equipment needed for live or taped studio broadcast productions

Planning Responsibilities:
• Creates documentation on switcher builds, effects build, and set up of the switcher for each broadcast production

• Minimum of 2 years of broadcast experience operating as a TMP, live remote and/or live studio productions with hands-on experience in control room areas such as switching, audio, graphics, character generator, robotics, and automated rundown software
• Knowledge of current industry standards
• Knowledge of video signal flow and video router operations
• Knowledge of IP router operations and the software used to edit panels
• Must be able to technically operate various models of video switchers, digital effects devices, and other associated ancillary equipment
• Experience using ENPS or similar news production systems
• Experience using Ross Overdrive automation
• Knowledge of current broadcast technologies appropriate to the position’s job responsibilities
• Knowledge of FCC regulations
• Must take ownership and accountability for assigned projects
• Experience using Edius, Adobe Creative suit editing software preferred
• Computer skills, using MS Office
• Able to work flexible, non-traditional hours including weekends and holidays

Core Duties & Responsibilities:
• Operate the Video Switcher for live and pre-taped programming
• Where needed, act as Director for certain shows
• Communicate with producers, studio, and control room crew to execute live and pre-taped programming
• Lead the control room and studio crew to produce regular, special, and live show programming
• Work in conjunction with the feeds team for remote guests and live hits
• Performs other duties as assigned
• Work with remote crews on location, reporters in the field, and remote hosts throughout the day
• Communicate with talent in studio when necessary
• Highly motivated and confident in executing difficult and complex tasks
• Ability to consistently function in a high-pressure role and environment
• Ability to quickly react to changing priorities and needs
• Must be able to troubleshoot difficult problems and develop solutions to address root causes

Education Required

Minimum of 2 years of broadcast experience operating as a TMP, live remote and/or live studio productions with hands-on experience in control room areas such as switching, audio, graphics, character generator, robotics, and automated rundown software.


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