PM Drive Host

Job Description

If you want to work in your basement, stop reading now. This is an IN-Market, IN-Building Radio gig, with a Radio station and Company that desires to entertain, inform, and make a positive difference in the community’s that we serve.

Required Skills

Minimum three years, full time on air experience at a commercial Radio station required.

Education Required

Minimum high school graduate required, with extra consideration given for post-secondary education, and even more consideration given to applicants with more than the required full time on air experience.


Salary, insurance, 401k program, and more.

How to Apply

No one uses the phone anymore, so email your resume with all contact information, audio examples of your recent work, and anything else that sets you apart. If you wish to use the USPS, our street address is WLBC, c/o Steve Lindell, 800 East 29th Street, Muncie, IN 47302.


Muncie, IN

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Job Type:

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