Indiana TV stations have until April 1st to file for license renewal.

Each TV, Class A TV, TV Translator and LPTV station must electronically file an application for license renewal (Form 2100, Schedule 303-S) four months prior to the expiration date of the station’s license, in accordance with the schedule set forth below.

In addition, LPTV and TV Translator stations co-owned with primary television stations in the same state that broadcast the same signal as the primary television station are permitted to file for license renewal on a single application form (Form 2100, Schedule 303-S) with the primary television station.

TV, Class A TV, and LPTV stations must also simultaneously file a Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Program Report (Form 2100, Schedule 396) (the file number of EEO is required in order to submit the renewal application).  Translator stations are exempt from filing the Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Program Report.