The National Weather Service (NWS) will test the statewide Emergency Alert System (EAS) on Tuesday, March 16th at 10:15AM Eastern Daylight Time (9:15 CT) and will be issued for 15 minutes.

Please contact the cable, satellite, and telco network operators who carry your signals to advise them of the upcoming test because some older cable equipment cannot discern between a LIVE TOR CODE used for testing purposes and a LIVE TOR CODE used for an actual tornado warning.

If possible, network operators should include a “crawl” that indicates that the March 16 Tornado Warning is only an annual test of the system.

This test is part of the National Weather Service “Severe Weather Preparedness Week,” as designated by the Governor of Indiana. It should be noted that if there is any chance of severe weather anywhere in Indiana that day, the special test will be postponed to Wednesday, March 17 at the same time as the planned March 16 test.