Master Control Operator

Start Date: 8/26/2019

Employment Type: Full-time

Location: Henderson, KY

Station: WEHT Eyewitness News

Contact Person: Pamela Simpson

Contact Phone: (800) 879-8542

Contact Email: [email protected]

We are an
Equal Opportunity Employer

Required Skills:

A valid driver’s license & SS card or passport, reliable transportation, & current insurance coverage.

Education Required:

Work experience and education required for position:
1. Technical degree in Digital Electronics, Broadcasting, or a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and work related experience.
2. Minimum two years’ experience with digital electronics systems in a television broadcasting environment. (More or less depending on market size.)
3. Proficiency with computers, telephones, copiers, scanners, fax machines and other office equipment.
4. Strong PC/MS Office experience.
5. Ability to meet deadlines, prioritize assignments and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The Master Control Operator must be able to stand, sit, reach, climb, conduct telephone conversations, use electronic mail, write letters and memos, conduct face-to-face discussions with individuals or groups, make decisions without supervision, make decisions that impact the results of co-workers, work in close proximity to others, and work indoors in environmentally controlled conditions. In addition, the Master Control Operator must be able to handle, control or feel objects, tools or controls. Repetitive movements are required. Work may be conducted in extremely bright or inadequate lighting conditions.


Health, Dental, Vision, 401K, & paid vacation/sick/personal days

Job Description:

Brief description of duties & responsibilities:
1. Updates and maintains signal control systems.
2. Maintains programming logs as required by station management.
3. Segments content and clips to the server and then trims and modifies it.
4. Prints traffic logs and appends logs to the data management system.
5. Monitors strength, clarity and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals and adjusts equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts.
6. Selects sources from which programming will be received, or through which programming will be transmitted.
7. Reports equipment problems and ensures that repairs are made, and makes emergency repairs to equipment when necessary and possible.
8. Ensures the station’s compliance with Emergency Alert System requirements.
9. Performs other duties as assigned.

Instructions to Apply:

To apply:

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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