Sales Manager

Job Description

Sales Manager will be responsible for the development, maintenance, and growth of all revenue streams: local agency/direct, digital and non-spot/NTR. Charged with identifying, hiring and developing new marketing specialists (MSs) while serving as a motivating coach to senior MSs, guiding their performance to peak potential. Ideal candidates will possess a proven management record or exceptional sales performance as an experienced seller, tremendous attention to the processes and detail of the department, and a collaborative approach with fellow department heads, senior management, and outside advisors. Looking for a motivating leader who is capable of managing a team while maintaining a modest personal account list. ST Radio has been a proud part of the Ft. Wayne community for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service to our listeners and advertisers, while working to enrich the lives of our neighbors.

Required Skills

Management skills and insights, including staffing/recruiting.
Excellent organizational and record keeping skills.
Ability to focus on both short and long-term station goals.
Maintain excellent client relations.
Proficient mathematical skills.
Minimum of 4 years successful local and/or regional radio or related sales experience.

Education Required

A high school diploma is necessary.
College degree preferred but not required, along with some type of formal education in marketing, sales management and leadership. These can be in the form of outside workshops through professional consultants or broadcast industry classes.



How to Apply

Cover letter and resume to:


Fort Wayne

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