Job Description

Deliver the news in a clear, pleasant, authoritative, and professional manner. Review/correct scripts, contribute story ideas, represent the station at community events, and contribute to the development of younger talent. Report on stories both from the studio and in the field. Write stories. Make and maintain contacts, and come to work with story ideas. Shoot & edit video. Must be able to produce a newscast. Must be able to assume leadership position. Is able to multi-task and work under pressure.

Required Skills

• Anchor assigned newscasts.
• Reads/copy edits news scripts before each assigned newscast.
• Be available to anchor other casts, anchor breaking news cuts-ins, host political debates or other public affairs programs, report from the field on major events as the need arises.
• Produces an engaging, fast paced newscast.
• Demonstrates strong editorial judgment to determine the content of assigned newscast.
• Write stories as necessary.
• Works with other station affiliates for content for assigned newscast.
• Make calls on news stories as necessary
• Approves reporter packages for assigned newscasts.
• Proofread and correct scripts from reporters and others prior to air and prior to publishing on web sites. Make changes as necessary including fact checks, spelling errors, and mistakes in grammar.
• Communicates with directors and graphic artist about needs of assigned newscast.
• Communicates with producers, reporters, and anchors about assigned newscast needs.
• Will assist other newscast producers and the digital team in the writing of news stories when needed.
• Assist with the professional and journalistic development of younger talent by giving advice, constructive criticism, and a “pat on the back” when deserved.
• Receive and answer phone calls from views in a professional manner.
• Represent the station at community events such as parades, station sponsored events, speeches at schools or to various organizations, etc.
• Be available for various promotional shoots
• Perform all other tasks perceived, assigned, and/or required that contribute to the smooth running for the department and to the achievement of departmental and station goals.
• All WEVV, WEVV-D2 employees are expected to bring a positive attitude to the workplace and be cheerful, cooperative and productive and to perform other such duties as me be required for the efficient operation of the station.
• Notifies a manager during any big breaking news events.
• Reports and produces a monthly franchise story.
• Is active on social media and communicates with the Tristate audience.

Education Required

Minimum 2 Years Journalism Experience


Health, Dental, Vision Insurance. 401K.

How to Apply

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