Amazing On-Air & Digital Opportunity!

Job Description

Hey! It’s Big John Morgan at WCJC in Marion, IN. Our group of radio stations here are alive
and well with thousands of minutes of content being generated every week by some very
talented and fun to work with folks. I need one more person to round out our team! So let me
ask you this, do you enjoy being behind the microphone and connecting with each and every
listener? Do you have passion for creating off air content including podcasts and blogs? Are
you a responsible person that takes ownership of the duties given to you? If you answered yes
to these key questions, it’s probably a good idea that you and I have a chat! I’m looking for a
PM Drive on-air host that will be a superstar each afternoon on our country station, WCJC, as
well as middays on Rock 98.5 (WMYK-FM/Kokomo). You would also serve as the cluster Digital
Director. I’d love to see your resume, blog posts, social media samples and of course an
aircheck! Please send along MP3 samples of your audio work. NO DOWNLOAD LINKS. I
promise the right person will have a blast working with us! We have lots in store for 2023.
Cheers! Big John. Send packages to: Hoosier AM/FM is an EOE.

Required Skills

On-Air, Social, and Digital.

Education Required

See above


Medical, Dental, and Vision.

How to Apply

See instructions above


Marion, IN

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