Paul Weyland

Author of “To Sell the Truth”

Indiana broadcast stations have the unique opportunity to learn how to improve sales and increase revenue opportunities from one of the best in the industry, Paul Weyland, author of “To Sell the Truth.”  Weyland works with media companies to help them to come up with long-term marketing and advertising strategies for their clients. 

Valerie Geller

Author of “Grow Your Audience – Become a More Powerful Communicator”

Developing creative, informative, and engaging content for audiences is the heart of broadcasting. Valerie Geller, author of “Grow Your Audience — Become a More Powerful Communicator,” will teach how to better connect with viewers and listeners and leave your stations with tangible actions that can be implemented immediately.

David Oxenford

IBA’s FCC Attorney and author of

David Oxenford will discuss the future of drones in broadcasting as well as the Radio Public File.  Attendees of the General Session also will have the opportunity to hear Oxenford provide an update on how broadcasters will be impacted by what is happening at the FCC.

Dale Gehman

Gehman Compliance & Consulting, IBA-ABIP Inspector

Dale Gehman will highlight the importance of the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP), which is offered at a discount for IBA member stations.   ABIP is known as insurance for station to help avoid violations.  Successful completion of the program provides evidence of a station having a positive attitude toward regulatory compliance and reduces the likelihood of an FCC fine.  Gehman does ABIP sweeps throughout the Hoosier state several times a year. 

Keith McCutchen


Are Drones really a viable tool for broadcast?  Will you be able to actually fly one on breaking news? How Did the FAA new rule change really affect our ability to fly for news?  Keith McCutchen will help you find answers to these questions and more during a discussion about drones and share how you can use this new technology tool and which one might be the right one for your station.

David Davies

Consolidated Engineering/Hodge Structural Engineers

TV Spectrum Repack and resulting FM antenna relocation can place new demands upon your tower.  Cellular and broadband companies are in dire need more of tower space and all of this is occurring while the permitting process for tower construction is becoming increasingly difficult and costly.

David Davies’ presentation will discuss means and methods to determine and increase your station’s tower capacity without falling into the trap of expensive and hazardous reinforcing projects. Various design codes and standards will be contrasted to provide guidance concerning which could be most advantageous in meeting your objectives.

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